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Enjoying the hard stuff: review of a course in hardboiled fiction

The least sensible thing one can do in circumstance like this is to read stuff which has absolutely no bearing on any it.

Review: The Rise and Fall of Oscar Wilde

I enjoyed the course, but would have preferred it to have been longer.

Is creative writing teachable?

Some people say “of course creative writing can be taught”, while others say the opposite. I take a slightly more nuanced view.

Good reading for would-be good writers

I’ve spent the last term on a course called Great European Short Stories. Here are my views on the course, the tutor, and the other courses of his that I’ve attended.

Short story adventures

My first foray into the world of Oulipo.

Review of a creative nonfiction course

I recently did a creative writing course. Here are my reflections on it.

Frazzled, by Terry Freedman

Review of the American Gothic course at the City Lit

Why has doing a course on American fiction been so enjoyable, and useful to me as a non-fiction writer?

The Late Lines stage, by Terry Freedman

An interesting literary event

Late Lines is an event run by the City Lit adult education institute in London. Here’s a brief report of the most recent one, plus key dates for your literary calendar.

I’ll probably regret this, but.

Next week I’ll be reading an article of mine. It’s memoir, not education. Read on for details of the event, which features a reading by author Jane Lythell.

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Published at last!

I recently tried my hand at a completely different form of writing. So what did I learn from the experience?

Photo by Brad Neathery. Licence: CC0

Can creative writing be taught?

Some people say “of course creative writing can be taught”, while others say the opposite. I take a slightly more nuanced view.

Review of the History and Art of Comic Books

The History and Art of Comic Books is a course at the City Lit college in London. There are several courses on graphic design, and even one for learning how to create cartoons and comics. This one, however, is not so much hands on, but a romp through several decades of comic book art in four weeks.

Online Writing Courses & Workshops

Learn to write stories, articles and poetry in the same college where big names in literature such as Dylan Thomas, Andrea Levy and Malorie Blackman have trained or taught.

You can now study from the comfort of your own home on our new range of interactive online courses whether you’re just starting out or ready to publish your first book. The benefits of our online writing courses include expert tuition from a published author and feedback on your work as you develop your writing skills. There will also be opportunities to participate in group discussions and activities with fellow students.

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