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Creative writing ks4

Writing fiction

This wonderful collection of fun and engaging classroom activities and resources will help KS3 and GCSE students to develop their own imaginative, narrative and creative writing skills.

From planning their ideas and thinking about plot, character and setting, to exploring other forms and genres including poetry and drama scripts, you’ll find a range of resources to get them off to a flying start.

Try our KS4 Creative writing teaching pack for a whole term of lesson ideas and resources to target ‘problem’ areas of writing.

Creative and descriptive writing

Let your students’ creativity run wild with our selection of worksheets, lessons, exam questions and revision activities, designed to embed language techniques and improve crafted writing.

Lessons and activities

Creative and descriptive writing is a great opportunity for students to explore different themes, audiences and purposes as well as demonstrate their understanding of how structure and punctuation can be used to impact a reader. From creative writing prompts to technique booklets and structure strips, we have drawn together a small collection of resources you can use to help with your planning of this unit.