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Creative writing on the sunset

sunset – quotes and descriptions to inspire creative writing

Sunset came to the highlands as God’s poetry, hues from flame to heather told in soft rolling verse.

Sunset blossoms upon the cloud as sweet wild clover blooms.

With a flourish of romantic hand the sunset blossoms red and gold.

As if God graffitied rainbow-flame upon the evening sky, the sunset came in its boldest blaze.

The sunset comes as a settled heart to the horizon, as if the sky itself could speak of love.

The sun set in the sky as fresh colours brushed upon an artist’s canvas, as if those rays were destined to create a great work of art – one given to those open to capturing simple moments in the soul.

The orange gold stretches far and wide, the colour of fire hearths and tangerines. It is but the reflection of the dawn, the promise of the rising sun that comes after the velvety night has had its say and the land has rested once more.

With the setting sun came a sky of fire, the orange of every wintry hearth. It was the battle cry to the gathering night, that the only achievement of darkness is to show starlight all the more clearly.

The sun set in the sky, as bold as one of Aunt May’s tangerine jellies. It sat within that sky, that summer-fruit hued throne, as if it looked over the earth, stretching out with sepia tones to everyone below.

Aaron watches the sea, lost in the rhythmic percussion of waves on sand. His eyes are steady to the horizon, face aglow with the last orange rays before twilight beckons the stars. His lips bear the semblance of a smile, just enough to show that he is enjoying his thoughts, whatever they may be. Lucy moves closer so that he feels her presence, yet stays quiet, allowing him to stay lost in the moment a while longer.

The sunset is merely a prelude to the dawn, yet its majesty fills my mind with the most beautiful of dreams. As my eyes drift to rest I am one with the stars, my skin cooled by the breeze, and when I awake the sky will be radiant with the first kiss of the new day.

At the edge of the cloud there was a brilliant white patch, like a turning page catching the sun. The rest was dove grey with a subtle hint of purple, just enough to announce the coming sunset.

The sunset blossoms upon the horizon as if a million scarlet blooms ignited.

The sunset comes as red-velvet to crown the sweetest of days.

The sunset becomes a welcoming skyward hearth.

The sunset with the blush of a rose petal.

The sunset came as the sweetest soul-blush.

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Best Descriptive Writing Sites Describing the beauty of nature

Describing a sunset can be relatively easy. All you have to do is photocopy this blog! Seriously, though, some thought should go into planning an essay like this. You should have your colours pre-planned and make a quick list of the images you are going to describe. Include all five senses where possible and focus in on some ‘stream-of-thought’ also. What are your feelings towards the beauty you see? Does it make you think of life and its purpose a bit more? Does the overarching immensity of sky make you feel small and insignificant? These are just some tips but read on to germinate some more ideas. The techniques used here can be accessed easily in my new book ‘Writing with Stardust’ on Amazon. There is also a spelling workbook of the same title. Just click on the book title at the end of the blog. In the meantime, enjoy the story……

Describing a Sunset

What is it about the beach that reaches in and feather touches the wilder parts of our soul? Is it the sounds, the smells, the colours or a combination of these? To begin with, let’s start with the sounds and see where it takes us.

There’s a soothing necromancy to the sounds of the sea that can’t be found anywhere else. I say necromancy because the night sounds can seem as sinister as a burglar to the unwary. Have you ever sat on a shingle beach with the sun setting and the salty lips of the waves kissing the sand roughly? Is it possible to recreate this sound? Open your ears and give it a try. Can you hear it?

The sea teems and hisses, scrapes the stones, lashes the beach and releases. It sizzes, chafes the pebbles, dashes the sand and retreats. It fizzes and seethes, spits out grit and slaps the beach with its salty lips. Finally it swishes, washes and polishes the shingle, then swirls and whirls as the tide switches. Its work done, it recedes, leaving a seaweed-slick shingle beach behind.

Of course, such a scene wouldn’t be complete without the smells of the beach wafting up your nostrils. A beach has such a medicinal smell, a coconut-and-citrus extravaganza of scents. But that is not what you can ferret out with your nose right now. Your stomach rumbles and growls as the aroma of flame-grilled meat drifts towards you. You can hear it sizzling on the griddle and the steak fat dribbling and hissing as it spills onto the grill. There are burgers being flash-fried also and lord oh lord, is that mushroom and onion moisture you can hear fizzling on hot charcoal? All the splattering juices and squirting blood being seared is enough to make any man’s legs wobble. To finish it off, your lips smack with the anticipation of salty meat as barbeque sauces, chilli, vinegar and cayenne peppers are layered onto the steaming platters of food.

To take your mind off the torture of an empty stomach, you gaze at your surroundings. The sun is setting and there are only a few swallows left in the sky. They pirouette like will-o’-the-wisps on valium, their scimitar wings slashing the air as they go. The seagulls are still squawking and squabbling over scraps of food, their raucous cries loud and brash in the faltering light. Come to think of it, you are just beginning to notice something for the first time. It is your hallelujah moment, an epiphany so profound that you know it will never be bettered. You could sit on this rock for a thousand years more and nothing as insightful will hit you like this again.

Your epiphany is this: you are beginning to notice that someone is slowly turning up the volume of the beach sounds. The wave-music is louder, the haunting cry of a curlew above you is pressing into your head and the swell of the heaving sea is magnified to a murmur. The span of sea sky makes you feel like you are trapped in a dome of glass. Everything rings out with a crystal and piercing clarity and all the sounds are cut to sharpness. Is this caused by a drop in temperature, the stillness of the air or your senses becoming more attuned? It is none of these. It is because you are reflective and the immense majesty of sky, air and sea has made you recognise your own mortality. A moment like this may never come again and you are both enlightened and sadder for it.

It’s not all bad news, however. Your newly found spidey-senses make you aware that the dipping sun is ember-red and it licks and glitters channels of the sea red like a dragon’s tongue. The sand has been burnished into a long winding-sheet of copper and the horizon is threaded with a thin line of silver. As the sun bows down further, the slumbering heap of sea becomes a-glow like melted platinum. The last few lances of light are cast down in a holy line of laser fire and it is over. The night is here and the sky looks like a black, velvet ceiling sprinkled with dream dust.

As you sit and ponder your own mortality, you ask of yourself the eternal and timeless question all men of worth have asked throughout the ages: “What will I be having for breakfast?” You sigh and pine as the last, despairing puffs of burger fume are washed from the barbeque grills.

For much more of the above, please check out my book Writing with Stardust. This post is not in the book, but the techniques used to write these posts come from it.


Write two contrasting pieces (300 – 450 words each) describing a sunset. The first piece should be from the perspective of someone joyful, the second from someone who is depressed. Focus on color and sound in your writing.

1. Writer: Saamil Shaikh

The (Happy) Sunset

The silence of the evening was shattered by the loud, thunderous boom of the ship’s whistle, signalling all members on deck to return to the musty cabins below. The smile of triumph was etched across my face. My victory in shuffleboard, no small feat against the veteran veterinarians, had left me a bundling ball of joy. My victory dance along the deck was momentarily paused as I chanced upon the setting sun. The sun rested amongst the clouds; its amber radiance dazzling upon the rippled surface of the ocean. The honeyed rays dove amongst the waves, lapping up the foamy waters left behind by the ship’s turbines. The amber hue glittered on the foam, an ornate staircase leading up to the treasured orb in the sky. The clouds lounged lazily in the sky, floating carelessly amongst the heavens like dandelions in the wind. They breezed by the sun’s brilliance, basking in it like lazy crocodiles resting on river banks; coming into contact with it every now and then, veiling it like a new bride before marriage. The sky shone bright amongst the dim embers of the sinking sun; a splash of vibrant hues enhancing its pristine beauty. The colours fought for prominence, as the sun, a kind and salient guardian kept watch; watching as the transient blue of the sky lost to the amazing amethyst of twilight only to end up finishing second to the mystery of Night’s inky onyx. Its tenure complete, the sun had started its final descent as the night sky awoke. It slunk ever so slowly, like a cat on the prowl, as it descended into the foamy waters. Its reluctance to leave the sky was apparent; as it cried golden scattered tears which sank deep into the cerulean abyss, but finally it yielded and sank deep below, bidding farewell to the darkening sky, which sparkled its striking pearls for the promise of a new tomorrow.

The (not so happy) Sunset

I stared at the screen. The face staring back at me was disgusting: black hair, long, matted with streaks of red running down either side. The nose, once pristinely angular now had a metallic abnormality jarring out. The eyes, chestnut brown orbs which glimmered with happiness once, now oozed dread. “Why? Why’d she leave me?” I pondered. “I did it all for her. My parents, my friends, I left them all when I came out. And she tossed me out like a dirty tissue: filthy, useless and unwanted. The phone reflected the suns glare into my eyes, blinding me momentarily. I gazed ahead witnessing the spectacle that lay before me. The sun was setting. The waters churned aimlessly, rising towards the drooping sun, like hungry piranhas in wait for their victim’s fall into the pool of death. The inky depths of the foam grinned up at the yolk in the sky. Neptune was hungry. Any moment his trident would emerge from the depths of this inky hell and swoosh down upon the sun, ripping it out from the sky. And the foams would show no remorse. They would pile upon it in an endless, blind fury drowning the sun, holding it down until the radiance would no longer shine brilliant in the sky. And the sky would do no more than to adopt the attire of a mournful bride; shadowy, inky for a while before its cheating Moon would light away all the sorrow. And the sun would be dead. Above the toil of the deadly waters, the sun beamed at me. Perched high in the heavens it glared down at me, forcing me into submission as my eyes shut down. When they opened, the scornful orange orb, ogled at the futile human lying among the shifting streams of sand. Shrouded by the rolling winds the sand the sun finally shone an amber glow of sympathy on me. The glistening rays beckoned, forming an illuminated staircase where the sun, clothed with the clouds, like a gentle snowman waited patiently. I moved towards the benevolent being, as it lifted me from the murky depths of my loneliness. The skies ballooned out in a palette of colours; I reached out for closure and my embers of hope were forever doused as the sun plummeted down into the abyss. The night sky arose and with it my qualms. My thoughts shifted to my phone. It glowed in the dark informing me of the incoming message. And I felt nothing…

2. Writer: Osama Naveed

Sunset from a joyful person’s perspective

Everything seemed right. The clouds were like sheep drifting in a bright blue meadow,the sky.The view of the sea, birds, shore left me in a total awe. It was as if someone had placed one of Picasso’s masterpieces before me. And there in the middle lay the centrepiece, the sun. It was as radiant and vibrant as ever, reminding me of the smile on my mother’s face everyday after I came home from school. The sun was surrounded by shades of orange and pink reminiscent of a perfectly ripened peach. The sky consisted of a variety of shades, blends of red, orange and yellow. The waters below replicated this effect. The waves were tinged with vermillion , with streaks of blue. Breathtakingly beautiful was the only way to describe this magnificent sight . The contrast between the dark waters and the luminous sky was like the meeting of two worlds, the known and the unknown. The wind whispered in my ear as if telling me hidden secrets. The waves crashing on the shore and theme.odious tunes of birds chirping filled my body with peace. The symphony brought back lullabies my mother used to sing to me. The smell of the sea was oddly comforting , celibate and unpolluted,the smell of freedom I closed my eyes for a moment ,when I opened them again the sky was more purple then red depicting the transgression from day to night. The fiery orb slowly subsided into the sparkling waters below like treasure returning to the bottom of the sea. The light, though gone for now would return the next day in the form of the golden glow of the sun,and help me relive the wonderful times I spent with my mother once again.

Sunset from a depressed person’s perspective

Everything was quiet,as silent as a cemetery except for the occasional gust of wind or thunder of waves crashing on to the boulders below. The sky was hazy, as if someone had sucked all the happiness out of it. The clouds were grey with grief, waiting to unload all their pain and sorrow in the form of a downpour. In the middle of the sky was the sun. It showed no reminiscence of its scorching majestic beauty, instead gloomy like a rose which never fully bloomed. The different shades of crimson and red surrounding this fiery orb reminded me of the dying embers of the forest fire that took away my home. The waters below were murky like a black hole waiting to pull somebody deep into the depths of the unknown. The sea had tinges of a snotty green , its foul smell made me feel sick to my stomach. Oh how I longed for my mother and her chicken corn soup. But alas, here I stood alone, nothing but the eerie squawking of the gulls to keep me company.each high pitched screech, a stab at my heart and soul, made me relive the moment when I last saw my mother and heard her futile screams as I was taken away from her. I closed my eyes for a second, to let the pain subside. When I opened them again the sky was more purple then red. The wind picked up, it was cold and fierce and brought no sort of comfort. The horizon Wasif.led with a plethora of dark colours from violet to mauve to lilac. The sun descended slowly but surely into the dark waters below. It reminded me of cancer and how it spreads through the body slow,y but surely taking with it every other organ. As the sun sank it took with it the little sunlight and glow left in my life.

3. Writer: Umme Salma Gadriwala

It was a beautiful day. The damp sand felt warm against my feet; cool water droplets caressed me. I could almost taste the cold and salty wind on my tongue. The waves gently kissed the rocks beneath me and whispered across the rocks like a sweep of silk, before quickly rushing back into the sea. A beautiful symphony rang in my ears, soft and rhythmic; a sound I rarely heard, but highly appreciated.

The ocean was like a sleeping baby, as soft as a lullaby, as peaceful as dawn and as soothing as a mother’s hug. Lost in the immensity of the Mediterranean; I found the sight overwhelming. For years, I had hoped to see my princess walking, and that day, against all odds, she had done it. I felt like the universe had conspired to give me that one moment of bliss. It brought tears into my eyes – tears of contentment, love and pure joy.

The sky was a light shade of blue which gradually spread into a mesh of poppy oranges and yellows. The clouds were like thin sheets of cotton scattered in the sky; not there to bring in storm, but to add color to my sunset. There were specks of black and darker browns as my eye moved from the sky to the horizon and below. I wished to lie there all night, watching the clouds float by, searching for remarkable cloud formations. I did see one though. It looked like a bright, morning star; it gave me hope.

The sun was on the horizon, just where the glistening ocean met the orange sky. Its rays spread in all directions, like the open arms of my daughter. The reds and oranges spread by the final glows of the flame formed a staircase on the surface of the sea. I hoped to climb that staircase with Daisy and take her to a place where people saw her exactly the way I did – like a princess. I wanted to give her all that she deserved, and all that she had been deprived of.

Life was over for Begonia. The ocean was spitting at her, the wind howling, and the glow of the sun irked her eye.

A wild, bright yellow flame burnt in the centre of the sky. The sky was like an artist’s canvas, filled with skillful strokes of reds and oranges and yellows. The sun was gradually melting into the sky, like a person waving goodbye and walking far, far away; and darkness was setting in. The clouds were like islands hanging far off, eluding each other. The sky was like a fire that had raged out of control, a dying cigar or a final farewell.

As a tear rolled down her waxy, wrinkled cheeks; Begonia closed her smudged, mascara-lain eyes, and stood there in one quiet moment.

The ocean was like a lion, roaring and thundering. Each wave splashed and pounded rocks behind her and left a deafening silence as it retreated back into the sea. The ocean enjoyed her despair and gloom as it screamed into her ears like a cranky child. The receding waves tried hard to pull her into the sea, and it was only a matter of time before she gave up. From far off, amidst the roars and thunders, she heard the moan of a sea gull, a fatigued, faded and lusterless cry of failure.

Begonia opened her mouth to let out a scream, but a surge of pain hit her, like being stabbed by a dagger of ice. The salty wind bit her tongue, and she quivered in the icy cold breeze. The gravel under her feet was coarse and bumpy, like a bed of shattered glass.

She limped forward towards the radiant path, spread forward by the diminishing candle, hoping to liberate herself. The path glistened on the surface of the ocean, like the streets after rain. Each step she took required every ounce of energy she had left in herself, but she was determined to escape from this excruciating life that she had chosen for herself.

4. Writer: Namayah Hussain

Happy Sunset

I nestle myself in the warm, soft sand and lie back as I watch the magnificent ball of fire, the sun, go down. The sky looks like a mix of an artist’s palette and a canvas. It has brilliantly mixed colors at some places and blotches of colors at the other points. An immense variety of color is present in the sky; ranging from red to blue to orange, all with a welcoming feeling of warmth and love.

With a gold halo surrounding the fiery ball, the sun takes liking to the arch-angel. High above us it is like a romantic fire in the sky; a symbol of guidance and hope. It sets the white and blue sky ablaze with flaming orange. The sense of tranquility is magnified by the clear water of the sea which sparkles like twinkling diamonds. The rays seem to form a pathway towards the sun, parting the sea from the middle, with glimmering steps; as if bringing our destination closer. The ripples seem to be in awe of the sun wanting to get closer with the ebb of the tide. The sea seems to carry a part of sky in it, reflecting it beautifully. The waves roar as they come back and forth spraying my face with droplets of water. I feel refreshed and cleansed and savor the moment. The pleasant breeze plays with my hair and I feel like I am soaring high above feeling nothing but ecstasy.

Decorating the sky the clouds look like cotton candy, fluffy, soft and white with a slight hue of pink. The clouds boast mystical colors. As the clouds move closer to the horizon their color changes from white to silver-grey. They look as if they are illuminated from within, the golden light floods it making it look heavenly. God seems to have sprinkled the Flame of Forest on the sky.

The sky and sea meet to give a slight streak of red. The rich color of rubies, of wealth and royalty. The sun lets my gaze linger over it for a while. With a promise of a new day the sun goes down, the path to ecstasy and jubilation now clear.

Sad Sunset

Do you know the sense of heavy doom which prevails with the diminishing of hope? Have you ever felt it? That is exactly how I felt as I saw the sun going slowly under the horizon. The birds had stopped chirping and the sound of the waves had died down establishing an eerie silence, the silence of impending doom.

Up in the blotchy sky the sun was like a raging fiery ball, losing its magnificence every minute. It was like a reign of peace and harmony about to come to an end, to be replaced by an era of darkness and gloom. It was like the flickering light of an oil lamp about to burn out. The color of the sky changed abruptly from a clear blue to pale yellow, very like the people who dwelled under it. The white clouds had been sullied. No longer were they pure. They were corrupted like me but the source this time was not the sun but life itself. Towards the horizon the clouds took a neon-orange look as if they had been scorched by the sun. Some of the clouds looked almost dark grey; dreary and bleak just like life itself. The clouds looked as if they had been torn apart and placed randomly. Some were placed in groups and some were separate. They were like fragments of disconnected clouds.

The sea seemed uncannily calm. It reminded me of calmness before a calamity strikes. The sea presented a forbidding and cruel image sending a warning of the dark secrets the blue-black waters withheld. A strong gale of wind tangled my hair into knots just like the complicated issues of my life, the difference was my tangled hair had a solution and my life had none. I felt useless, immaterial like one of the innumerable drops of the sea. The occasional scarlet reflection of the sky on the water gave it a sinister look; it looked like two big spots of blood. The scarlet reminded me of doom, my doom. As the sea and sky became one at the horizon only a dark red streak of light could be seen. They were one. The idea of separate identity was non-existent. None of them mattered.

As the rays of light faded away so did my hope. The darkness engulfed me. The sun disappeared a bit further taking away the warmth and color with it, leaving darkness behind. I was abandoned once again, abandoned to a cruel world.

5. Writer: Aimen Shaikh


The diamond ring on my left hand glistened with a soft golden glow as the rays of the waning sun fell on it. A strong sense of déjà vu overcame me: last time, the same rays had blessed me and Dave, as we stood on the cool sand of the beach, our hands intertwined and our bliss beyond words. I had looked on at the sunset and murmured to Dave, “Beautiful, no?” and he had replied, “Very much so”. It took me a few seconds to realize that he was not even looking at the sky- he was looking at me. The blazing orange of the sun was reflected in his deep charcoal eyes, as if a proof of the passion with which he loved me.

I snapped out of my reverie and my eyes travelled upwards to the grandeur splashed across the sky. There was such a powerful sense of tranquility in the air- the slight shifting of clouds; the gentle crashing of the tides against the seas-shore; the gradual intensifying of the carroty hue- that one could almost taste it. The happiness of the entire world seemed to be amassed within that moment. I wished I could pause it. Forever.

Farther away from the horizon, the sky was a gentle blue of a clear lagoon- on it were dotted feathery white clouds, chasing each other like wisps of cotton candy. Below this, the light azure sky subtly yet spectacularly emerged into the shade of a fresh chestnut; dark mahogany clouds streaked across it like promising brush strokes- as if melted chocolate poured on a thick slice of cake. But what really entranced me was the shimmering ball of fire nestled on the volcanic canvas. Ripples stretched across the sea like dimples on smiling cheeks. The warm rays of the setting sun radiated like sputtering sparks, reflected on the water like a stairway of molten gold that leads to Paradise. But I did not need to climb up to Paradise- I was already there.

Finally, the flames bowed out- but not before they left behind a promise to light up the world…tomorrow and always.


What could express a hopeless soul better than a setting sun? Like the last glint of red in burnt-out ashes, the sun hung on to the last thread of the horizon. Below, on the troubled water surface, was mirrored the impending doom: the hungry waves would swallow the blazing globe, leaving behind an abyss of darkness. Shrouding the top was a blue sky, contaminated with a tint of grey. White clouds were scattered around like smoke rings; it seemed as if God was having the time of His life puffing away to pleasure. Sadistic pleasure, I dare say, of watching us mortals struggling to exist in this harsh world. Oh how I have longed for a clear, bright sky!

But lo and behold! There’s always something darker, gloomier, and more sinister than the last, isn’t there? A murky orange permeated the blue, and like sandcastles washed into ruins, the clouds shadowed across the sky. Time and again, the swooshing cold winds dispersed the dark-stained woolpacks- making sure no corner survived the curse of dusk.

Tearing my eyes away from the horizon, I saw love-birds strolling around the beach, entranced by the scenery as if it were the eighth wonder of the world. How wonderful indeed to be plunged into shadows as the universal light breathes its last! Some distance away, a father was perched on the rocky shore, pointing out the sunset to his child who listened with keen interest. It’s good, I thought, that the little boy knows from the start that light is just an illusion: we must learn to adapt to the darkness.

As for me, I came here neither to draw in the nauseating fumes of the salty air, nor to watch a live telecast of “Fifty Shades of Orange”. I came here, inspired by God. I came here for sadistic pleasure, to watch the all-powerful sunlight, which the eyes of us mere mortals are unable to withstand, fading away like a vulnerable torch flame. How the mighty fall!

6. Writer: Fariha Jahangir


The wind is caressing my neck, cradling my face. I close my eyes and breathe in the salty air. I stick my tongue out and taste the brackish moisture. The warmth soaks right through my skin. My skin comes alive. Now I open my eyes. I am glowing like the sun, flawless and glorious. The sun is blushing today. An excited flutter runs through the sea. Nimble ripples dance across the water, clear as glass. The glass is speckled with gold dust, glistening under the rosy glow of the sun. The crystalline sea quivers excitedly before my eyes. Its reaction to the sun is fascinating.
The sun touches his lips to the water. My heart skips a beat. A shower of light bursts across the sea: a ramp adorned with fairy dust, just for me. Under the spotlight, I want to twirl right into the sun’s tempting embrace. I am bursting with ecstasy. I want to drink in every bit of the perfection of the scenery before me. I feel the sea’s ecstasy. I feel the sun’s raging desire.
The wind flings my damp curls off my shoulder and I toss my head up into the air. I see the patchwork quilt my sky is. At this moment in time, I am weightless. I am like the feathery white tufts floating above me. I can almost feel the downy clouds against my skin. Light bounces off the clouds, giving them a fiery glow. The sky is marvelous, I realize. I am like a carefree seagull. I stretch my wings and soar in the sky. The wind carries me wherever I want.
This sunset is, but the beginning of a new day. All the worries of today will fade away tomorrow. I cannot wait for dawn to yawn across the horizon and to shower me with all the bounties a new day has to offer. But for now, the mighty sun is shrinking in the distance and lilac clouds are gracefully waltzing in. Night is about to fall, I realize. I could serenade among these fluffy wisps all night with not a care in the world. I smile. I am glowing. I am everywhere.


The wind lashes at my face, clawing at my skin. It whips my hair across my cheek. I wince as the salt stings my eyes. I see the sun slowly sink in the horizon. The mighty monarch of the skies is descending from his throne, disgraced. Even the sun gives in and the sky surrenders. Nothing stands against the dark. I shudder at the thought.
I watch in dismay as the sun’s rays, rejected, bounce off the unrelenting clouds. There is no scope for light in this place anymore. The hostile darkness silently creeps up behind me. The sun has surrendered his crown. Everything will soon be drenched in the inky obsidian darkness of the night.
I see the last glowing embers of my life in the retreating fire of the sun. Grey clouds, like the ashes of a dying fire slowly take its place. A sense of impending doom lingers in the air. Unease ripples across the water and anxiety grips me. I am queasy. The salt in the air mingles with my tears. I taste them both.
The orange of the horizon is like the autumn of my life. Everywhere I look I see my emotions scream back at me. Nature is an echo of my mind. The sun is as dejected as me. The sea is as troubled as I am. The sky is as overcast as me.
The sun is bleeding. It will die out now. There is a sense of foreboding in the way the waves flit across the water. The wind chills me to the bone. But then again, when the wind dies down, the serene water invites me to its welcome depths. I want to glide right through to the very heart of the sea. I want to succumb to the darkness under the surface. I have fought for too long. I am exhausted.

7. Writer: Faiza Urooj

The Happy Sunset

An orb of the purest white descended, throwing light in all directions. Dark shadows settled on the clouds that could not bear this beauty, while others scattered and basked in its glory. The skyline was evidently demarcated by the brightest of orange and deepest indigo. The sky was a chameleon in its element. A warm blue expanse overhead melted into the long awaiting arms of the vermilion horizon. This union was celebrated by every creature of nature, birds sang to the quite roar of the calm sea. I walked along the shore, inhaling the salty sea breeze that tousled my hair. The cool, inky ocean waves foamed around my bare feet as I moved along, even the sand logged in my toes seemed pleasurable. An array of seashells littered the waterfront; the creamiest white, the palest pink and the faintest purple. Like jewels in a crown, they glittered in the golden haze of the setting sun. The radiating energy was contagious; drawing me in like a moth near a candle. I had never felt this close to nature; every color, every object and every image delighted me to such an extent that I was left craving for more. Though nearing its end this day still had so much to offer to an artist searching for muse.

Beauty poured forth from every aspect and I drank in every detail. The feeling of joy comes from different things for different souls, for an artist there is no better ecstasy than this everyday miracle. The sun disappearing from one plane and rising in another, enlightening the souls of all those who ponder and appreciate the beauty it has to offer. Serenity followed the sun’s majestic departure. An inky darkness fell, taking everyone in its fold, promising to keep the world safe until light returned.

I could not hear myself think. From far away I watched as the waves crashed with resounding force against the shore, raking the sand against its will into the silent and blackening ocean. The grains of sand, too insignificant could do nothing but surrender themselves to the mighty waters. Far behind a ring of light consumed on itself, sucking the life out from the surroundings, slowly robbing nature off its precious hues. The bright blue day faded into grey which then blended into a muted orange near the horizon. Like a candle in vacuum this light would soon extinguish, leaving the world to grope in utter darkness. Dark clouds arranged themselves such, that no ray of light could escape. The darkness neared faster. Steps of the golden staircase narrowed and disappeared. The false illusion that offered temporary comfort also vanished. A chilly draught of brackish wind whipped my hair back and forth, stealing my patched denim hat in the process.

A seagull sat nearby, devouring the evening’s catch, a fish tail dangled from the corner of his bright, overgrown beak; which was one of the very few things that retained their appearance even after the light had faded away.

A worn out fisherman hauled his boat out of the churning ocean; towards safety, pausing only to heave a lungful of the cold saline air. Despair contaminated every scene and every creature. Now that the symbol of life was sinking, the worst in everything became evident. Sitting on the chipped brick wall, I scrutinized the broken seashells that littered the waterfront. These delicate shards of beauty were a reminder of how the powerful tortured the helpless, until they were just a crippled mess.

The end of another day was here, I sat here like everyday, brooding and pitying my inability to catch that ray of hope yet again.