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Creative writing words essay

How to Write a Creative Essay: Tips, Topics, and Techniques

What is a creative essay, if not the way to express yourself? Crafting such a paper is a task that allows you to communicate your opinion and tell a story. However, even using your imagination to a great extent doesn’t free you from following academic writing rules. Don’t even get us started about other components of papers. With tools like research paper title page generators available, it only proves to be a serious business.

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No need to be! Creativity can be worked into many different types of essays. You just have to know how to write a creative essay deftly, thus:

Turn to our writers when in doubt or read the rest of the article for more recommendations.

Types of Creative Essays

Where analysis ends, creativity begins!

You can include creative expression in an essay or paper you write. Yet, some pieces are designed specifically to allow you to be creative. You can choose a topic that will set your imagination free.

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Here are a few types of creative essays you can embrace:

The narrative essay is much like novel writing. This essay type can be used to discuss either real or imaginary events. The key in this type is that you have to show, not tell. For you to accomplish this, your essay will need a plot, many descriptive details, and well-written prose.

The admission essay is becoming increasingly popular. When it is well-written, it allows you to stand out among thousands of students who are vying for admission to a particular program. The admission essay is a way for you to talk about yourself and why you would make a great addition to a program. Essentially, you are advertising yourself to show that you are the best choice.

The personal essay is similar to the admission essay but less aggressive. This form of essay is used to talk about yourself and your experiences, trying to persuade the reader that a particular event or aspect of your personal life is significant in some way. Consider this form of creative writing essay a self-portrait that you paint with words.

You can choose any topic you wish for the descriptive essay. The key is that the central idea should be of interest to or affect the reader. Once you select one, describe it throughout your essay, stating why it is crucial to you.

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This is very much like the descriptive essay, except that it makes greater use of imagery and description.

The Americanism essay is popular with scholarship committees. This is the “why I am proud to be an American” essay.

The reflection essay offers you a way to provide feedback on an event or other topic with which you are not happy, or it bothers you in some way.

Victor Valley College and the University of Vermont offer some great advice on writing creative essays. Now let’s look at some techniques that will help you write creatively.

️ How to Write a Creative Essay

The Oxford Royale Academy offers useful creative writing tips that can easily be applied to creative nonfiction.

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Creative writing is not solely about putting words on a page in a way that presents imaginative prose. You need to consider your writing in a certain way and structure it properly if you want to pull off an excellent creative essay.

Here are some tips and techniques for any creative nonfiction writing you do:

Consider the reader:
As with any other form of writing, you must consider the reader above all else. You have to have a deep understanding of who your audience is so you can pique their interest and hold it throughout the paper.

Start it off right:
You need to start your paper off with a bang! That means you have to have an opening to your essay or paper that will grab the attention of whoever reads it. This could be a bold phrase, the description of something that happened, or some profound or persuasive words. Your opening needs to scream, “Keep reading!”

Use the traditional creative structure:
Traditionally, creative essays are divided into three acts: the setup, the confrontation, and the resolution. In the first one, you will introduce the leading players and the situation. The confrontation will allow you to shift into the main issue. The resolution is the climax, during which the issue is resolved.

Use metaphors:
A metaphor is effective in any form of writing. In a creative essay writing, use an analogy to help provide the reader with a clear image. It should make them understand a concept you are explaining at a deeper level.

Provide details:
Details are everything when writing creatively as they tug at the readers’ emotions. Without them, your essay can be stale and boring, providing only one fact. Detail spruces it up and makes it come alive in the readers’ minds.

Edit, edit, edit:
Make sure to edit your work after you have written it. A writer rarely gets it right the first time.

Think out of the box:
Finally, here it comes—the piece of advice that every successful assignment demands. Try to approach the issue from an unusual angle!

The Oxford Royale Academy also has some great information on general essay writing that is sure to help!

Now, let’s take a look at some creative writing topics you might be able to use.

Creative Essay Topics

The goal behind any writing assignment that calls for creativity is simple. You have to express your feelings and opinions on a particular topic so that it captivates the reader. These creative papers and essays are not dry and boring the way most of us imagine academic works.

But what should you write about? You need some creative essay ideas. Whether the topic is assigned or you choose it yourself, you’ll have to decide how to approach it. If you pick an issue yourself, the options might be overwhelming.

With that in mind:

Let’s start on a journey to find fun essay topics! You can:

There are plenty of topics for narrative essays and other creative writing essays on the Internet. Here are some great ideas for nonfiction writing topics to get your imagination moving:

Topic Suggestions
You and your world Imagine what it would be like to introduce yourself to a new person.
Educational issues Offer your experience and that of your friends and instructors through the use of interviews.
Health concern Is there already a cure for AIDS?
Environment Choose an endangered species to discuss and present a narrative on how they are treated and how they can be helped.
Arts and Mass Media Discuss post-postmodernism changes and forecast the future.
English language Explain how you feel about the English language, how it has changed, and how it continues to evolve.
Time Discuss your past, present, and future in a creative way.

That’s it! When it comes to creative writing, you can do it! For more help on writing essays, check out this video.

If you still feel the task is too much to handle, you can turn to a custom writing service. Share the article with those who may need our advice and happy writing!


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This article was developed by the editorial team of, a professional writing service with 3-hour delivery.


These descriptive words will help improve your writing . All these describing words are from my own personal notes. I’m an avid, and active, reader, and over the last couple of years I’ve jotted down the descriptive words that I pop out to me.

This list of descriptive words for writing was born from a desire to become enhance my vocabulary and become a better storyteller, and writer. Three things I care a lot about – just a fun fact about me .

I’ve learned over time – and with many failures – that working with describing words on a page is akin to a potter at the molding wheel. And as writers we use them have to slowly shape our stories whether its writing about driving around the world or inspiring people to create their own list of bucket list ideas .

The list is separated by parts of speech ; You’ll find a list of adjectives, descriptive phrases, action verbs, and more.

At the end are some phrases I like, that I have read here or there over the years. Make sure to check out our list of descriptive adjectives as well.

I hope you use this list of descriptive words , and phrases and garner inspiration to enhance your own tales.

Table Of Contents


“he was making headway, albeit rather slowly.”

1 – very typical of a certain kind of person or thing.

“the archetypal country doctor”


1 – without purpose or direction.

“Don’t live an aimless life.”


1 – To face or endure danger or pain; showing courage.

The brave healthcare workers are putting their life on the line.


1 – perplexed and confused; very puzzled.

“I had a bewildered look on my face”


1 – giving out or reflecting a lot of light; shining.

The sun was bright in his eyes.

2 – vivid and bold color.

The grass in Ireland is bright green.


1 – Bright or Radiant.

The brilliant light was blinding.

1 – Clever or Smart

He was a brilliant student .


1 – unlimited, infinite, or immense.

The boundless energy of the kid wore me out .

1 – socially unconventional in a way regarded as characteristic of creative

Running this travel blog has led me to live a boho life.

2 – woman’s fashion aesthetic characterized by flowing print fabrics, layers of clothing, and costume jewelry such as long strings of beads, dangling earrings, and multiple bangles.

she went for the boho look in a floor-length green dress teamed with a fringed jacket and chandelier earrings.


1 – hurt by repeated blows or punishment.

he finished the day battered and bruised.

2 – damaged by age or used repeatedly.

I finished the day battered and bruised.


1 – a taste sensation that is peculiarly sharp or acrid.

The bitter fruit tasted terrible .


1 – lacking due thought or consideration

Zack Morris showed a blithe disregard for the rules.

2 – Happy or Lighthearted Character

Want to watch a blithe romantic comedy? .


1 – having a blue tinge; somewhat blue.

The bluish tint of the water was stylish.


1 – Lost in deep sadness of thought.

The kid was brooding that his parents wouldn’t by the toy..


1 – having the characteristic of a baby.

He acted babyish when he lost the game.


1 – not fake; or counterfeit

This is a bona fide masterpiece.


1 – lose or hanging.

My eyes are baggy after a red eye flight.


1 – loved very dearly.

The teacher was beloved by his students. .


1 – a low mumuring or humming sound.

The buzzing bee flew across the park.


1 – strong, or strongly built.

The burly bear was intimidating.


1 – having a lot of bounce.

The trampoline was extra bouncy .

2 – confident or having a jaunty rhythm.

The man was bouncy and full of life.


1 – very apt to stay afloat.

The pool floaty was extremely buoyant .

The buoyant . salesmen was very charming.


1 – lacking plants or life.

The bleak desert was barren.

2 – Cold and Miserable Outlook.

After his divorce he had a bleak outlook on life.


1 – expressing or marked by earnest entreaty or pleading.

The beseeching peasant feared for his life.


1 – having the taste of butter.

The buttery bread warmed the soul.


1 – having feelings or actions control or remaining calm.

Even though he was afraid he remained composed .


1 – cavern like in either size, shape, or atmosphere.

The cavernous mansion stood empty.

2 – Giving the impression of dark and vast.

The cavernous eyes..


1 – a series on columns set at specif intervals, and supporting a roof.

The ancient marble colonnades are just one reason to explore the best islands in Greece .


1 – free from worry or anxiety.

he was a carefree soul.


1 – having a rough texture; large grains.

The treated wood was coarse .


1 – anxious to protect or avoid potential danger or mishaps.

he was a careful not to get into trouble.


1 – making or liable to make a harsh, high-pitched sound when being moved or when pressure or weight is applied.

“I climbed the creaky stairs”


1 – dirt free, unmarked, or have been washed.

the room was clean.


1 – having a wavy outline

The crenelated coast when backpacking Thailand is breathtaking. ..


1 – covered by clouds.

It was to cloudy to go hiking..


1 – present from birth.

“a congenital defect of the heart.”


1 – striking array of colors.

The colorful painting lit up the room.

1 – rude language .

They didn’t allow the colorful speech to get past the sensors.


1 – Happy / Sprightly

He was chipper after getting married in Sweden .

1 – rude shortness

The curt manager’s comments angered the waiter.


The chef was confounded by the dinner tickets.


1 – continuing occurrence

I suffer from chronic indigestion.

2 – present and encountered.

Chronic meddling always causes problems.


1 – relating to the community / Collective ownership.

The communal garden gives us great vegetables every year.


1 – huge in size, power, or stupendous.

The colossal rocks blocked the dusty path.


Chicago food has some of the most delectable meals I’ve ever had.


The dainty glass broke from the fall.

The dainty sandwich was filling.


1 – untidy in appearance

Boys often have a disheveled room.


1 – devoted to a cause or purpose

Star Wars has dedicated fans.

2 – given a purpose

He has a dedicated server to protect his data.


1 – awarded or receiving mark of honor.

He was decorated with a medal for winning the race.

2 – furnished with something ornamental

A hallmark of the parade are the decorated floats.


1 – chosen but not yet installed

the ambassador designates the future assignments.

He has a designated server to protect his data.


1 – bright, brilliant, or showy, colorful and impressive.

The dazzling fireworks were the highlight of the festival.


1 – eating food quickly.

The Lion is a devouring beast.

2 – destructively consuming / totally absorbing

Don’t let devouring loneliness defeat you.

1 – below / far from the surface

His joy was buried deep below the surface of an ocean of swirling emotions.


1 – fallen into decay or deteriorated

The dilapidated home needed an intense amount of love and care.


1 – serving to ornamental decorate .

The decorative replica was made to be displayed.


1 – moving from the common direction.

Do follow the popular path. Instead go into the unknown, and discover your divergent path..


1 – hard to pin down , identify, or isolate.

They knew the elusive thief lurked nearby.


1 – enthusiastic joy

They were exuberant about there upcoming trip to some of the most beautiful places in the world .


1 – vertical position

Few erect columns, were peppered throughout the temple ruins.


1 – having the ability to expand.

The expansive landscape, seemingly never ending.


1 – deriving style, ideas, and taste for a wide range of sources.

The eclectic mix of opinions caused an argument.


1 – cause a strong feeling of annoyance

The planes exasperating delay made everyone late.


1 – fully detailed or well planned.

The elaborate design of Bangkok’s royal palace is breathtaking.


1 – uttered, or putting emphasis on.

The emphatic refusal helped them close the deal.


1 – productive / desired effects.

The efficient writer finished before the deadline.

2 – being involved or an immediate agent.

The efficient action helped make change.


He had an ever-deepening love for sports.


1 – thorough / all possibilities

The exhaustive to do list was intimidating.


1 – seemingly without end

The endless forest instilled a mood on tranquility.


1 – exceeding normal limits or excessively elaborate

The extravagant building is grand.

2 – extremely high in price

The extravagant purchase maxed out his credit card purchase.


The elegant clothes belonged to the king.


1 – relating to or named after

The eponymous landscape outside Dingle is one of the best places to visit in Ireland .


1 – relating to a celebration, festival, or feast.

The festive dinner got a little out of hand.


1 – tinged with red in the face, from shame, heat, or physical exertion.

Caught in a lie, his face became flushed with embarrassment.


1 – very hot or passionate desire.

I have a fervent desire to explore the world.


1 – moving quickly

The fast-moving current washed away our supplies.


1 – based on fantasy

Game of Thrones takes place in a fantastical world, filled with dragons, and magic.


1 – unrestrained violence or brutality

The ferocious lion hunted his prey.


1 – having to do with burial.

They found treasure in the Pharaohs funerary chamber.


1 – focused on something.

The dog was fixated on the squirrel.


1 – loving having fun.

The fun-loving locals love putting on their annual festival.


1 – covered with grass

The grassy knolls are stunning.


1 – a large number of

He had charm galore .


1 – repulsion, or inspiring horror.

The movie was too gruesome for me.


1 – possessing glory

When backpacking New Zealand you see glorious landscapes. .


1 – painful or distressing

It was a harrowing adventure filled with unexpected twist, turns, and sacrifice.


1 – unrestrained expression

I was greeted with a hearty welcome.

2 – wholesome or substantial

I enjoyed the hearty meal.


1 – relating to an herb

Those herbaceous flora was savory.


He was isolated during the exam.


1 – not tolerable or unbearable

The intolerable noise kept me up all night.


1 – picturesque or pleasing

The idyllic Irish landscapes is some of the best in Europe.


1 – great in size or degree

Our immense Universe is without limits.


1 – extreme degree

The intense amount of work was overbearing.


1 – irk or tedious

Sometimes we all have to do Irksome task.


1 – prone to act, acting momentarily

To lose weight sometimes we have to deny our impulses for bad food.


The inviting meal made my mouth water.


1 – existing in, or belonging to

The innate behavior of child was to cause trouble.


1 – memorable or cannot be washed away or erased..

The indelible landscape means there are hundreds of places to visit in the United States .


1 – feeling of extreme anger.

The infuriating delay at the airport made him miss his flight.


1 – spotless / extremely clean

Singapore is an immaculately clean country.

2 – having no flaw

The glass in Venice is immaculate.


1 – having many complex parts

Mona Lisa is an intricate painting. Making it the most famous in the world.


1 – belonging to the inside,

I great battles happen inside the interior of our mind.


he took a jaunty stroll through the park.


1 – having disorienting effect

The jarring truth is that dreams without goals, remain dreams.

1 – ready, or in favor of

I am keen to go to the bar.

2 – sensitive perception

He had a keen nose.


1 – having lungs

The lunged fish swan in the pond.


1 – transparent or clear ; Glasslike

The limpid waters in Thailand or famed around the world.


1 – expending or bestowing excess

The lavish palace of Versailles is one of the most popular day trips from Paris .


1 – outlandish, or eccentric

Some ludicrous movies aren’t bad.


1 – filled with desire or lust

She was filled with lascivious thoughts.


1 – lack of interest, or energy

His listless attitude held him back in life. .


1 – sad or lonely

Ah, the lonesome road, has many trails, but many rewards.


1 – highly significant, outstanding

The monumental task can be accomplished by taking little steps everyday.


1 – expressing sadness

A melancholy nature will keep you stuck.


1 – deserving reward or praise.

A meritorious life of service.


1 – intrusive or getting involved in

The meddlesome raccoon knocked over the trash can.


1 – Huge, exceedingly large

Many of the mammoth caves in United States are worth visiting.


1 – existing today

Many modern-day advances give our lives ease.


1 – inferior in size or degree

The minor problems in life or nothing to sweat over – life is too short .


1 – covered by mist.

The heavy air of the misty morning endowed the park with an eerie coolness.


1 – covered by mystery

The monk has a mysterious nature.


1 – not where it should be

The restaurant felt out-of-place.


1 – elaborate or excessively decorated

The ornate .ruins draw in visitors.


1 – standing out

His outstanding skills put him in line for a promotion.

Outstanding bills can be stressful.


1 – lack of sharpness

His obtuse answer made no sense .


1 – lacking remembrance, or memory

Don’t be oblivious to opportunities that life presents you.


1 – wealth, abundance

The opulent hotel is worth the price tag.


1 – characteristic on a person

His hot temper was peculiar.

2 – different from the normal

The book had a peculiar plot twist in the book.


1 – not spoiled, or corrupted

The pristine beaches had soft sandy.

2 – earliest state

The pristine state of the forest


1 – a sense of peace

The peaceful forest instilled a peace of tranquility.


1 – argumentative quarrelsome

He has a pugnacious nature.


1 – mental and emotional state of fear

Don’t panic . Breathe and slow down.


1 – able to be passed

The currents were passable during the low tide.


1 – turning, a pivot

Taking my first trip to Ireland was a pivotal moment in my life.

1 – important or critical

It was pivotal piece of the puzzle.


1 – polishing, smooth, glossy

Polish your writing before publishing the piece.


1 – by or in itself

That’s not the facts per se , but valuable to know.


1 – notably luxurious or rich

His plush life made him soft.


1 – elevated or arrogant

The pompous rhetoric is hurtful.

2- exhibiting an air of self importance.

The pompous politician lost site of his vision..


1 – extreme or severe

After rigorous training he was ready to test himself.


1 – like thunder

The thunderous roar of the waves beating along the coast.



1- regard something as being caused by.

I attribute my grammar skill to how many question I ask.


1 – provide clear evidence of ; declare that something exist.

I attest that life is good


1 – make minor changes to.

I had to amend your application before sending it in.


1 – regard (an object, quality, or person ) with respect or warm approval.

I admire your commitment to learning the English Language .


1 – praise enthusiastically

I acclaimed actor won best actor for his deep performance.


1 – achieve or complete successfully.

I accomplish my goals.


1 – increase in sound

They amplify the sound at the concert.

2 – make copies of something

The notes amplify that new evidence. ..


1 – change, or make changes too

They altered the rules of the game.


1 – (of a problem, opportunity, or situation) emerge; become apparent.

“a string of new difficulties have arisen “

2 – get or stand up.

“he arose at 5:30 to work out.”

1 – to clear out or save (Usually water from a boat)

They bailed him out of trouble.


1 – talk enthusiastically for a long time

Just one of the many fun facts about me . Sometimes I like babble about travel.


We were beset with locals trying to make a sale.

2 – to set with ornaments

The roses are beset with thrones.


1 – fail to give a true notion or impression of (something); disguise or contradict.

I newspaper story belied the facts.

2 – fail to fulfill or justify (a claim or expectation); betray.

The notebooks belie Darwin’s later recollection.


1 – hit repeatedly with blows.

He battered the broken car.


1 – become perplexed and confused.

I was bewildered by lack of work the team had done.

1 – bend the head or upper part of the body as a sign of respect, greeting, or shame.

It is common to bow in Asia.

2 – play (a stringed instrument or music) using a bow.

The techniques by which the pieces were bowed .


1 – think deeply about something that makes the person unhappy.

He brooded over the his bad day.


1 – encourage or help

I need to boost my spirits.

2 – push from below

She needs to boost to master the English Language .


1 – cast a spell or enchant.

I was bewitched by the lush landscape.

1 – low murmuring or humming sound.

Flies buzz when they fly.

1 – lock with a bar that slides into a socket.

He bolted the door for protection.

2 – ran away quickly.

He bolted down the street.

He bashed the wall in anger .

He bashed the smoking industry . .

1 – break or burst

They bust the water balloon.

2 – lose something

He went went bust at the poker table.. .


1 – squeeze together

Compress the laptop’s file to save space.


1 – to bring to an end.

The summit concluded with world peace.

2 – to reach a logical end or decision.

The magazine concludes that Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world .

He concluded his college application with a question .

1 – unmarked, free dirt

He cleaned the room every other week.


1 – fall or hang in copious or luxuriant quantities.

“the cool water cascading down the waterfall.”


1 – decrease in size, number, or range.

“glass contracts as it cools.”

2 – become shorter and tighter in order to effect the movement of part of the body.

“The heart is a muscle that contracts about seventy times a minute”

1 – wind into rings

The sailor coiled the rope.


1 – to cover something

Massive trees canopied the small island.


1 – to form short bends or ripples / Wrinkle

Don’t crinkle my shirt.

2 – a think crackling sound

The crinkling bag woke up the dog.


1 – chuckle or laugh

He chortled with amusement.

2 – sing or chant

She chortled in her happiness.


1 – broken into small parts.

The Greek Islands are filled with crumbling ruins.


1 – beg or sponge

He cadge for a free cup of coffee.


1 – sharp, quick, repeated noises

The crackling fire.


1 – to dig and bring to light.

Don’t dredge up those painful memories.

1 – travel somewhere in a hurry

I dashed through the forest.

2 – strike, or destroy

The ship was dashed upon the rocks.

She dashed his spirits.


1 – cause (someone) to feel consternation and distress.

A deep feeling of dismay over took the room.


1 – greatly astonish or amaze

I’m often dumbfounded after watching the task force meetings..


1 – eat / destroy / adsorb quickly

I want to devour the big meal.

2 – read eagerly

Amy always devours a good book.


1 – make (someones) clothes or hair messy.

Boris Johnson disheveled his hair before being on camera.


1 – to lessen the courage of

A lesser man would be daunted by this challenge.

1 – to set apart for a purpose . to distinguish as a class

We designate this room as the class lab.

2 – to point out a location

A marker designating where the trial starts.


1 – to feel aversion to (Offend)

His distaste in the joke was apparent.


Suspicion led him to delve in his wife’s bag.

1 – to search for information

He delved into the past to find the problem.


1 – to get carried along (by water, air, etc)

The windy drift pushed the hot air balloon to the west.

1 – a pile of something in heaps

Snow drifts covered the landscape.


1 – to stray or move from a principle, standard, or topic.

Don’t deviate from your goals. Stayed focused even when life is tough.


1 – to cause annoyance or irritation

I hope you’re not exasperated by this list of descriptive words.

1 – Set up / to fix / put together in an upright position

The father and son erected the tree house.


1 – to become known,

Jane emerged for her travels a most well rounded person .


1 – To make ornamental or make more attractive.

Frank embellished his life story to impress his date.


1 – to furnish / to provide with

I’m endowed with a good sense of humor .


1 – allure or tempt

He was enticed by smell of the chocolate.


1 – eliminate by wearing away surface

The rocks effaced by wear and tear..


Don’t let your anger fester about your tough English test.


1 – steal secretly

He filch the cookie from the jar.


1 – give a false appearance

The company feigned how bad his leg hurt.


1 – containing frescoes

The frescoed walls of the chapel inspired my love to art.

1 – to pass quickly or shift

The chortling birds flitted around the forest.


1 – to flow in a irregular current

The stream gurgling stream swept over the rocks.

2 – ta gurgling sound

The gurgling stream blocked the path.


Tim garnered his courage before presenting his essay to his teachers.


1 – move quickly

He hastened his journey home..


1 – lift or raise by tackle


1 – lift or raise or pull

He heaved the trunk onto the oak table.


1 – a harmful or disquieting occurrence

The past mistakes haunted him.

2 – to visit often to seek the company of

I spend a lot of time haunting the book store.


1 – cross one with another.

The intertwined vines were impassable..


1 – place a body in a tomb or grave

The king was interred with all the honor due him.


It’s dangerous to interweave lies and the truth.

1 – to make, irritated, or weary

He was irked trying to learn all the English grammar rules.


1 – endow or influence

He imbued the spirit of the old times.


1 – spaced in intervals

The interspersed paintings covered the east wing.


1 – sharp uneven surface

The jagged mountains dotted the horizon.


1 – come into contact or pushing

The jostling crowd flooded to the door..

2 – vying for a position.

The workers began to jostle for the new job.

1 – expend or bestow

His lavish habits cost him a lot of money.


1 – slow parting

The effects lingered long after it was over.

1 – take a large shape or an impending occurrence

The teacher loomed over the student to make sure he wasn’t cheating.


1 – an area to stop

Lay-by the dock the ship tied up.


1 – utter barely audible sounds in a low voice.

He muttered to himself about his workload.


The mesmerizing beauty of the best islands in Croatia is not easily forgotten.


1 – settle snugly

A small town nestled among the mountains.

1 – grab or catch

He nabbed the best spot in the class for the English lesson .

1 – a slow trickle, to seep out of something

The oozing gunk stained the floor.


He was ostracized after his betrayal was made public.

1 – to peer through / to look furtively.

Don’t peek around the corner.


1 – to go deep into, or thrust into something.

I plunged into the task of self-development. .


1 – landscape with a level surface, and little change

He wandered the plateau looking for his lost wallet.


1 – to search for information.

His friend probed him with questions about the girl..


1 – sprinkled throughout

The olive trees peppered throughout the Greek countryside. .

1 – work laboriously

The book plodded along slowly. .


The city was steeped in charm.


1 – a loud sharp noise

He shirked when he thought he saw a ghost..


1 – to spread without restraint

The sprawling landscape of the dessert is one of the best things to do in Tucson .


1 – fill with things or with satiety

He was stuffed after Thanksgiving dinner.


1 – feeling to do something (usually wrong)

He was tempted to eat the candy..



1 – Suddenly or Unexpectedly.

The car stopped abruptly .

2 – In a rude manner.

His mom abruptly cut him off.

The hill ascends abruptly .


1 – extra factor or circumstance.

brokers finance themselves additionally by short-term borrowing.

2 – used to introduce a new fact or argument.

Additionally , the regulations require a clean environment.


1 – one after the other or next

Alternately , don’t give up when things get hard.


1 – being effective or in effect

John effectively finished his to do list before stopping for the day.


1 – evident or provide evidence

He was evidently born in Ohio.


1 – expert in something

He expertly navigated his way through the maze of alleyways.


1 – what precedes

Furthermore , people should travel more.


1 – a gloomy or somber

He grimly walked to the see his boos.

1 – a sinister character

The dark figure had a grimly stance that shadows seemed to cling too.


1 – to a great degree

The immensely talented writer self published his book.


1 – intentional manner or awareness

He intentionally arrived at the airport early.


He intensely focused on the problem at hand.


1 – from impulse

He impulsively got up early every morning.


He invitingly offered me a free drink.


1 – extreme anger

Moving to my wife in Sweden is an infuriatingly slow process.


1 – born or existing in.

He innately loved filling his head with quotes about adventure.


1 – lasting or unforgettable cannot be removed.

He indelibly hued landscape when backpacking Italy changed my life.


1 – complex with many parts

The intricately designed plot has levels of details.


1 – eager or intense

They are keenly attuned to your bad behavior.


1 – clear ; glassiness

The limpidly rushing water of the cascading waterfall.


1 – meriting laughter or exaggeration

He ludicrously lost his wallet.


Synonym for Richly or Grandly

1 – marked by excess

The lavishly decorated crown marked him as king.


1 – large, or to an extreme degree

He monumentally failed in his task.


1 – without doubt

The claims were patently false.


1 – peace or tranquility

he peacefully listened to the sounds of birds singing outside his window.


He rigorously worked at his craft every day.


He was romantically involved with her.



1 – the process of absorbing.

The absorption of the spilled water.

2 – The whole occupation of the mind..

The absorption of my work overtakes every other desire.


1 – strong desire to do or to achieve something which unless takes hard work.

People trying to improve their skills with this list of descriptive words for writing have a lot of ambition .

2 – determination to achieve success.

life offers many opportunities for those with ambition . .


1 – a large quantity of something.

I have a abundance of ambition .

2 – The condition of having a copious quantity of something; bountifulness.

The vineyard has an abundance of grapes.


1 – a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity, subject, or pastime.

“He’s a wine aficionado.”


1 – a dark volcanic rock that displays a columnar structure and made of fine-grained.

The fertile soil was made of decomposed basalt .


1 – something of monstrous size

That’s a behemoth sized lion.

1 – a person who is socially unconventional in a way regarded as characteristic of creative artists; a bohemian.

The town bohos opened an art gallery. .

A boost in the economy. .

1 – a room or pantry used for storing wine or hard liquor.

Can you grab the wine out of the buttery ? .

1 – beer that has a strong hop taste; or liquor with sharp taste of plant extracts.

What bitters do you have on tap? .


1 – a combination of qualities of color, such as shape, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

“I was struck by her beauty .”


Synonym for Rock or Stone

1 – a large rock, mostly worn smooth by years of erosion.

The boulder blocked the path.

1 – move quickly.

He buzzed through these descriptive words.


1 – Irish name for a beehive hut.

The ruins of an clochán sat on the other side of the field.

1 – a written or spoken agreement, especially one concerning employment, sales, or tenancy, that is intended to be enforceable by law.

“both parties must sign employment contracts “

1 – a mass of something that falls or hangs in copious or luxuriant quantities.

“”A cascade of pink bougainvillea.”

2 – a large number or amount of something occurring or arriving in rapid succession.

“a cascade of antiwar literature”


1 – an ornamental decoration at the ridge of a roof or top of a wall or screen.

High on the roof was a cresting decoration.

1 – Someone who chips

The chipper was hard at working cutting down the tree.


1 – one delegated by a superior to execute a duty or an office

The commissary was tasked with finding a cure..

1 – a series of loops

The coil of pumps was confusing.

2 – everyday troubles

Sometimes we all need to shrug off the coils of the workday.


1 – any of an order (Coniferales) of mostly evergreen trees and shrubs having usually needle-shaped or scalelike leaves like pine , cones, and arillate fruit.

The group of conifer trees took over the forest.


Christians believe in the creation story.


1 – an agreement or promise / attached to someone or something

I have a commitment to my wife.

1 – a cover carried above by a person of rank / or a cloth suspended

The canopy covered the diners on the patio.


1 – a heap of stones in a heap. Usually a landmark or memorial. Typically on a hilltop or skyline.

The stony cairn marked the way back.


1 – something to eat considered rare and luxurious

What is your favorite delicacy in Italy?

2 – the quality of state of being dainty of someone or something

Spiderwebs have a delicacy .

1 – to flow along

To drift through life is sad.

2 – an underlying meaning or design.

The spy understood the drift of his orders.

1 – dislike food or drink

Many have a distaste for mushrooms.


1 – representation in images or describing words depicting something or someone.

The depiction of the movie wasn’t congruent with the book . .


1 – a deep place or state of being

The depths of our abilities remains unknown until we push for greatness..


1 – an arrangement, or state of being engaged

The social engagement took most of my day.


1 – a massive structure

The social edifice holds together certain rules.


plural noun

1 – city districts / or surroundings in your space or vicinity

The crystal environs of the waterfalls.


1 – a public showcase

The art exhibition was a success.


1 – a high position of superiority, Commanding or in a profession. .

His eminence in film made him a legend.


1 – refined taste, dignified gracefulness

The novel had a air of elegance , and wit.


1 – a state of exasperated or exasperating someone / feeling irritation

He was exasperated after working all day.


1 – the act of representing a medium

I don’t under stand the expression that artists is trying to achieve. .


1 – point of attention.

The focal point of this blog post is describing words that help others master descriptive writing .


1 – an embarrassing mistake or error.

Interpreting someone is considered a social faux pas ..


1 – the front of the building

The stores facade was highly decorated.

1 – a false, or fake appearance

His friends saw through his thinly veiled facade .


A love this descriptive word .

1 – a boisterous and loud burst of laughter.

The joke caused a guffaw in the room.


1 – enthusiastic and filled with joy.

1 – a gloomy or somber outlook

He had a grim disposition on life.

The grim tale left me afraid.


1 – quality or current state

The grandeur of ancient Rome inspired our world.

Many of the best places to visit in Europe are grand in design, scope, and scale.

The gust of wind caused the bike to tip over.

1 – out burst of feeling

He had a gust of energy that came with the good news.


1 – either side of an arch.

The dog loves to have his back haunches scratched.

1 – great number

A host of ants took over the picnic.


1 – something to indicate

He gave the indication that he was going to travel this summer.


1 – a stage or exception

In this instance we all need to be quiet.

For instance, pasta taste better in Italy.

1 – inside limits or inner constitution

Travelers loved the lavish interior of the modern-day art gallery.


1 – limestone land or limestone plateau

The karst lands were filled with sinkholes and caverns.


1 – plant like organism made up of alge

Working the lichen spotted lake held a natural charm rarely found.

1 – machine for interlacing

Working the loom is hard and painful.

1 – soil made of silt, sand and clay.

The loam ground was hard to walk.


1 – a self-service laundry

The l aunderette was packed with others.


1 – causing wonder and astonishment

Abu SImbal, in Egypt, is a marvel to behold.


1 – a great number of

This myriad list of descriptive words is very helpful.


1 – middle of the day

The midday meal made him want a nap.


1 – a single massive stone in a column or obelisk

Monoliths pepper the old landscape.


1 – a single massive stone in a column or obelisk from prehistoric origin.

The Menhir’s of Stonehenge tower over all who stand before it.


1 – one who lives in a metropolis

The metropolitan knew the city backwards and forwards.


1 – wealth and Abundance

The opulence of Blue Mosque make it one of the best things to do in Turkey .


1 – of an unusual size

The outsize bed wouldn’t fit.


1 – a dirty of slovenly place

Clean up this pigpen of a room.


1 – quality of excitement or attractive

He was charming and had a large amount of pizzazz .

1 – an earnest entreaty

The plead for another helping of mashed potatoes.


1 – a bar something is hung on

The bird sat on the perch .

1 – a medical instrument for exploring

The doctor used a probe to discover what was wrong.


1 – a person despised or rejected

The thief was treated as a pariah .


1 – chasing after

Are pursuits define our lives..


1 – contradictory phases or conclusions.

Life is full of many a paradox . .

1 – state of fear

Don’t panic about your writing . Just learn more descriptive words that will improve your writing .


1 – a close inspection; under a microscope

He paper was under a lot of scrutiny .


1 – riot or commotion

Tumult uprisings are a big part of history.

a tumult of noise kept me from sleeping.


The tiling walls were stunning.


1 – surrounded by; in the middle of

He walked amid the rolling hills and lush landscape.

2 – in an atmosphere or against a background of..

A mid accusations of cheating the student was suspended.


Here are a lot of describing words that I’ve picked up from various books, and blog post. I feel in love with this world list .

Pro tip: The describing words are all around you. Listen to how people use descriptive language in your favorite movies, tv shows, and podcast. Try to find describing words in the things you read. The lesson you are looking for and the right words are all around you! You just have to look for the lesson .


1 – one of the vast treeless tracts in Europe and Asia.

The arid steppe of Mongolia are famous around the world.


1- Waves crashing on the coast.

The Atlantic swells crashed against the crenelated coast.


1 – sad terrain, a phrase to describe mountain ranges.

The brooding summits , covered in clouds, look like a storm is coming.


1 – not aware of or using the latest ideas or techniques; out of date.

When it came to tech, he was behind the times .


1 – a good descriptive to describe a still lake. Or a phrase lake on a nice day.

The crystalline lake boasted the perfect space to camp.


1 – a castle falling apart.

Ireland’s peppered with crumbling castles .


1 – descriptive for a scenic mountain range.

The cresting mountains of New Zealand are unforgettable.


1 – getting deeper

The ever-deepening snow made the terrain impassable.


The historical significance of Rome echoes even until today.


The infinite hills of New Zealand lure thousands of visitors a year. This is one of my favorite descriptive phrases.


The icy rollers of the Atlantic Ocean beat along the coast.


The indelibly wild forest on Peru.


1 – landscape similar to that on the moon

The Lunar-scaped beaches on Milos, put it high on many travelers list of Greek Islands to visit.


The long forgotten castle has centuries of neglect.


A great descriptive word for forest!

1 – covered by moss

The moss-clad rocks sat along the stream.


The hundreds of workers wasted their lives in modern high-rise skyscrapers.

List of Descriptive Adjectives

Here are some words to describe positive qualities of peoples personality . And using words like this to showcase a personality can connect those feeling with your readers.

affectionate – readily feeling or showing fondness or tenderness.

Agile – able to move quickly and easily.

Altruistic – showing a disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others; unselfish.

amiable – having or displaying a friendly and pleasant manner.

bright – giving out or reflecting much light; shining

Bonza – excellent; first-rate.

charming – very pleasant or attractive.

Conscientious – wishing to do one’s work or duty well and thoroughly

imaginative – having or showing creativity or inventiveness.

Word List of attributive adjectives

What are attributive adjectives ?

These are word to can be placed inside a sentence that can modify a person of a thing. These different adjective are only used before nouns.

Example Sentence : The tender steak made my mouth water.