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Critical thinking in college writing from the personal to the academic summary

Analysis on “Critical Thinking in College Writing”

The article, “Critical Thinking in College Writing: From the Personal to the Academic” by Gita DasBender, has useful tips for writers on how to conduct textual analysis. The author breaks down the process in to simple steps making it easier for the reader. The author calls for the reader to read the article attentively with an open mind. She says that the the reader has to list the main ideas keep track of important terms and summarize important quotes. Then, the reader has to write a personal response on how they feel about the essay while using the quotes they have summarized. The writer has to make an academic connection to his or her personal response. Then the writer has to craft the essay, since academic writing requires him to be more critical. It also tells the student to look at essays of peers or earlier students who recieved high grades. In my past assignments I have used some of these strategies. I liked the strategy where the author asks you to write down what you think about the essay and then make the academic connection to the response. This helps me as it makes it easier for me to respond to the essay and not worry about responding academically. I think the author has covered all the areas I am concerned with so I wouldn’t add anything else to the list. Thus, I would recommend this strategy to anyone taking first year writing. Rather, I would remove the “Modeling Good Writing” section since some writers, including myself, would be intimidated and might not perform as well as he or she wants to after looking at his or her peers’ work.


In the article, Critical Thinking in College Writing: From the Personal to the Academic the author, Gita DasBender, had some very insightful knowledge on critical thinking. Critical thinking often begins with one’s personal views. Your personal thoughts, experiences or ideas and therefore who you are is of much importance to the writing you produce. Academic writing is largely about taking a critical stance toward a subject. Your personal vision—your core beliefs and general approach to life— will help you arrive at these “larger ideas.” Critical thinkers are “good readers” who stop and take the time to analyze the text to find its deeper meaning. They do this by not being biased and asking themselves questions during reading, and responding to the text that shows their understanding and point of view on it. It is important to know the key terms in order to make a strong statement about the text. Also, the use of quotes helps further support your claim. It is good to start critical thinking early, and to become accustomed to it because it is brought up in a wide variety of subject that aren’t just English. I really enjoyed Ms. DasBenders views and advice on critical thinking. I will definitely carry this with me throughout this course and put it to use.

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Critical thinking in college writing from the personal to the academic by gita dasbender

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Critical thinking in college writing from the personal to the academic summary

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Critical thinking in college writing from the personal to the academic

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Critical thinking in college writing

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