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Do your homework first en francais

Meaning of do your homework in English

to study a subject or situation carefully so that you know a lot about it and can deal with it successfully:

(Definition of do your homework from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

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© Cambridge University Press 2022

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Do your homework

Plan and study for the subject. Used also for any kind of effort, such as work or sports.

C’est une stimulation, même un impératif; pourqu’on ferait ses courses.

1.Ödevini yap
2.Yapman gerekeni, eldiğinden geldiği kadarını yap

“Do your homework” in lyrics

Here I come
From 05 to now, I still put it down
If you don’t know, better do your homework
Mess with a OG like me it’s real thing

If you think these are lies, you’re the next
Pressure and responsabilities
Do your homework kid, while you still can
After 35 you feel like burrying yourself

Don’t stop. do it

Zed: Stand up, stand up, stand up straight, do your homework
Smile a lot when you network

Tell me that you love me
I do your homework
I blow you under the table and you die, fuck

You need to take a shower,
You need to make an effort,
You need to do your homework .

You’re my favorite beaver
Space Teens are forever
Don’t forget to do your homework !
Cause math’s cool

Suburban dreams, will I catch them

Do your homework , boy! mom shouts, but I can’t
I don’t want to live her life

So now I am to blame because I study hard?
Fool, stop envying me, go do your homework , you dummy!
The fool is the one who disbelieves her dreams

Here I come
05년부터 지금까지 I still put it down
혹시 모른다면 better do your homework
Mess with a OG like me it’s real thing

Did you clean out your papers?
Do you tidy the house as recompense?
Did you do your homework ?
Do you still have a place to sleep?

If you do your homework (work)
Baby I will give you more (work)
Then you do your homework (work)
Get upon the dance floor (work)

(Lo lo lo lo lo)
(lo lo lo lo lo) Oh oh
Don’t do your homework
Cause you’ll get an A+ when Goldboy is your censor

Holy fuck it’s so fantastic, playing ukulele

Eat your homework with a fork
And do your fruit loops in the dark

Girl, I wanna walk you home from school
Wanna help you do your homework , homework
And when you need a kiss, I’ll be the one

get a sol key
and just open it
when you do your homework
with devotion

If you don’t drink beer
G-g-g-go off
If you do your homework
G-g-g-go off

I’ll make you mushroom crêpes
Come on, come back tonight
I swear I’ll do all your homework

Listen to
Your teachers
Do your homework , study well
Put good faith in your hard work

Now is the time to pay for the shit again
King Bushido! The answer to 1000 questions
Don’t set upon teacher, do your homework first!
After a long time I’ve recharged my batteries

[Verse I]
I was sitting at home, drum machine on my lap
When my father yelled: ” Do your homework , idiot!”
I failed school miserably, sorry, daddy, but I was too distracted