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Essay the most beautiful thing in the world for me

Essay the most beautiful thing in the world for me

Death is ultimate peaceful.

Posted by Ashok Nandagaon


Absolutely scared.
When I was younger I had severe depression.
I prayed every day and night for Death to take me away. To free me.
I did not wish to be in so much pain anymore.
I woke up one day and started observing the world. People.
My family.
I was so so tired, but still had so much more to give.
I know life sucks sometimes.


I will return to my creator filling fulfilled.

DEATH will only look beautiful, when I give up all of me for you to LIVE.

Life could be beautiful too.

Posted by Silver

Life is love.. death is love am here death please come now death is the most beautiful fact of life that we can actually see death is beautiful

Essays and Prompts

So when I saw this topic for a personal essay prompt, well I was more than willing to write about it.

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and forms. It can be the oak tree that is swaying in the wind, or it can be that little four year old girl that is running around with a bubble blower in her tiny hands. Beauty is perceived differently by everyone. Someone may see the beauty if a leaf that is blowing in the wind, while another person may not even see the beauty of that particular leaf. It is really up to the person that see the beauty of life. There are no specifics, so there isn’t any way to judge beauty.

There are many beautiful things that I have seen in my life so far. I see many things that hold beauty, I just take the time to notice it. From the powerful muscles of the horse that make it move so graciously, to the beauty of a creek along the road. Those are just some examples of what I see beauty in. I can go into depth about the things that I have seen, but I fear it may be too long to write about. I will write about five things, maybe one or two more after five, but I would like to go into depth as to why these things are beautiful to me.

I have always loved horses ever since I was a little child. I still have my stuffed horse that I had gotten when I was four years old. I never knew what had fascinated my little mind at that time about the horse, but it did, and it gave me the love for them. As I grew older I began to draw them. Only after I studied them long enough to memorize the different ways a horse could move. I’ve ridden them, felt their powerful muscles work underneath me as in rode around the ring or down a trail. Feeling them work with you as one, them your legs and you their commander telling them where to lead you. A horse puts all of its trust into you, if you put your trust into them. It can sense your fear, your anxiety, and it will basically mirror those emotions. But the beauty of the horse is one of the most amazing thing that I have ever seen in my life. They helped my fascination, and will continue to do so. Their beauty is amazing as is their will to learn from their rider.

Even before I had bought my camera, I had always longed to take pictures of landscape. Living in the country gave you so many opportunities to see the beauty of nature. Every season brought about new views of things and brought out more beauty. Take that example of the oak tree swaying in the wind, what is the beauty of it? It is simple really, at least to me it is. You have to use your senses. I use three to see the beauty of that oak tree swaying in the wind. I use sight to see the rustling of the leaves as the wind blows through its branches. I use my hearing to hear the great oak creaking as the wind makes its branches sway, the last one I use is smell. It is a weird one to see a beauty of a tree, but I use it nonetheless. Take looking at that oak tree after a night of rain. You can smell the damp wood and the wet leaves. With the wind blowing softly so you can smell the aroma of the oak. That is simply beautiful.

The beauty of a person.
Everyone has their beauty, whether it be their looks or their personality. Like I said, it doesn’t matter what is on the outside, it is what is on the inside that counts. I see the beauty of a person in every way. Personality is the biggest thing for me to see beauty in. A persons intelligence is second and lastly is a persons looks. Those are the three things that I look for when I see the beauty of a person. I am not like most people who judge a person based on their looks. They may look “hot” and “sexy” but that doesn’t give way to the other aspects that make a person. Those three things are where the beauty of a person lies. This is what I always want to tell a girl who says she only likes guys who are “hot”. I always hold my tongue as to not start drama, but I want to say it to them so bad. I would tell them “Would you rather have a hot guy who has a crappy personality and no intelligence, or would you want a cute guy that has an amazing personality and intelligence?” Every person is different, they have their different preferences so it is better to keep my nose out of it. I guess everyone is different, it isn’t a bad thing though, it gives the person character.

The beauty of a book.
Now this is probably the most common thing that you will see me with other than the clothes that I wear. Book are my life. Simple as that. It is my escape from reality when I cannot be away from people. I can always dive into a book and get lost in it. I love to read, I have since I started school. I have read so many books that I have lost count, but there are always new books to read. Always a new character to relate to and a new plot to figure out. The beauty behind the book lies within its writer. Their imagination can take them far and they become very successful people. Take J.K.Rowling for instance. Harry Potter started out as an idea, now it is a multi million dollar industry, and people around the world love it. With seven books and the last part of the seventh movie coming out this summer, it has captured the eyes of everyone. I started reading them when they first came out. I read the first Harry Potter book at the end of my first grade going into second grade. I grew up with the books. What made me fascinated was the magic. The fight between the good and the evil. And in the end the Light had won. As I grew older I had seen some of the relations that the book had with our history. Yes it is a work of fiction, but it can very well relate to Nazi Germany.
Hitler and Voldemort. They both wanted an “elite” race. Hitler wanted people with blue eyes and blond hair, while Voldemort wanted “pure bloods” They both had one flaw in their views. They themselves were not of the criteria that they set upon the people they killed. Hitler was not pure German and Voldemort was not a pure blood, he was a half blood. But the beauty I see in books is really how you perceive the book. It is all what you think of it.

The last thing that I see as beautiful is music.
Music is a part of my life more so than my books. Every song that I listen to keeps me calm keeps me from listening to all the drama that surrounds me constantly. It is my escape from reality just like my books. The music I listen to is relatively new, but it is amazing. I listen to all sorts of music including: Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Industrial, Aggro tech, Electronic, Trance, Industrial-Metal and so on. A lot of my music is not even from my country, it is from Germany, Belgium, and the likes. With their style of music, it catches my interests and I love the sound of it. The words, the synthesizers, the guitars and whatever else they put into their music. I love it. it keeps me interested and I just want more of it. I can never get enough of it. I am always looking for more music to fall in love with. I went to my first concert ever back in February of 2011. The concert was amazing and I loved the band that played. Cradle of Filth is an awesome group, it really is. I was so glad that they were my first concert. I wish to see many more of my favorite bands in concert as their music is just as beautiful.

So when I saw this topic The Most Beautiful Thing I Have Ever Seen, writing about it was a must. The way I see beauty may be different than someone else, but it is to be expected. We all see things differently. It takes a creative person from the inside out to see the beauty of everything. Remember the oak tree that is swaying in the wind ant that little four year old girl who is still running around blowing bubbles from the bubble blower that is in her tiny hands. That is beauty at its finest.

The Most Beautiful thing in the World | Essay for Children

According to Helen keller, “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”. “A thing of beauty if joy forever”.

“The most beautiful things are not associated with money: they are memories and moments. If you don’t celebrate them, they will pass by you.”

“When you leave a beautiful place, you carry it with you wherever you go”.

“God used beautiful mathematics in creating the world”. “Beauty is the only thing that time cannot harm. Philosophies fall away like sand, creed follow one another, but what is beautiful is joy for all seasons, and a possession for all eternity”.

“Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”.

Everyone has different definition for beauty. But one thing is common in every definition that beauty exists in nature and its existence makes life worth living.

The world is full of beautiful things and the way we protect them gives us profound lessons of life. Beautiful things of world are found in simplicity too. Watching birds chirping in early morning in some park is scenic at that moment. It is so because mind and soul both are usually fresh during those moments to cherish the god gift.

But once its afternoon and life gets busy with daily chores no one has time to enjoy this chirping. It rather irritates as noise. The world is same, the nature is same, the bird is same and we the human being in role of listeners are same. But it’s the matter of time that changes the perceptions.

Sunlight is usually a curse in summer season, becomes heart-warming blessing of God during winters. Sunlight gives golden glitter to everything and aspect of life making them beautiful.

A new day in life is one of the most beautiful creations of god. Ask a person on the death bed what appears to them the most beautiful thing on this planet? The answer undoubtedly would be a new healthy day, if it’s feasible, for them. None of the mountain, valley, diamond, movie stars or any natural scenery would appear to them beautiful.

A child is considered as the purest soul on planet. A hug from them makes one’s day. Icing on cake is, if the child is pretty looking their smile and hug warms the heart.

A child is parents’ biggest reward. The fatigue of the day disappears when a child gives their parents a tight hug. The moment becomes a beautiful moment for parents. A whole hearted and unconditional love gives heavenly pleasure.

A heavy Rain shower on sunny day is most desired thing from masses. A heavy rain shower pacifies the thirst of earth and human both. The sound of water falling from sky sounds mesmerising. One may stand for hours watching rain falling on earth as the view is heart healing.

It is rightly said that the, “Beauty lies in eyes of a beholder”. The onlooker gives a thing, a badge of beautiful. The love stuck couple finds beauty and solace watching stars in sky. For them their love is destined among stars. Stars shines brightly and lighten up the world or may be it could die unnoticed.

A smile from the stranger, when someone is lost on foreign land, is the best and beautiful thing one may ask for. A smile conveys the friendliness attitude. The beauty of smile is extraordinary in itself. It’s the god gifted tool to mankind which cut shorts distances. It’s a curve which could set many things straight. A simple smile may lighten ages old burden on heart.

Laughter moments with near and dear ones are the moments to cherish throughout the life. They form beautiful memories. Laughter is considered as the best medicine. It cut the differences because laughter knows no barrier.

Ear soothing musical notes are beautiful compositions of musicians. They put in their heart and soul to create symphonic music which survives till eternity. The compositions are beautiful creation of that musician. This thing of beauty makes the musician immortal.

A cold breeze on a warm day is as beautiful as food is to body when one is very hungry. Everybody craves for solace. The solace varies from one point of time to another. Sometimes a glass of chilled cold water gives satisfaction down to the soul. At other point of time a platter full of variety of foods is not worth giving a second level even.

When the abstract forms of beauty are being talked about, one cannot forget to talk about compassion as one of the beautiful attribute of mankind. Compassion is having sympathy and concern for the suffering of others.

Everybody has heart to share joy of others but very rare are people who have compassion. It is this feeling which makes earth a place liveable. Had this feeling would have disappeared from human nature; there would have been throat cut competition on earth.

Mother Teresa was one such compassionate woman. She could be called the most beautiful woman of the planet not because she looked beautiful. But her actions and service to society raised her to the status of one such woman. The beauty is said to be only skin deep. But it’s the actions which speak louder.

Outer beauty fades away but the work lives in the heart of people. Compassion motivates people to go out of their way to help the physical, mental or emotional pains of another and themselves.

The Dalai Lama once said that “compassion is a necessity, not a luxury” and that “it is a question of human survival”.

The strongest pillar of survival theory of mankind is love. It’s the feeling of love which touches each sphere of life and glorifies it. Love exists among members of same family. It is the bond which keeps husband and wife’s relationship stand test of time. The feeling of parental love safeguards kids from wicked world.

This beautiful feeling of love needs promotion from every section of society. It’s this feeling that has marked its presence in past. It has been surviving all odds in present. And will be omnipresent till the doomsday making planet a beautiful place to live in.