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Macbeth creative writing assignments

macbeth writing assignment

Student handouts, possible rubric, sample assignment, and detailed instructions for this engaging creative writing task for Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Over the course of studying the play, students rewrite three key scenes, getting feedback in the process, and then they select one which best represents their abilities to hand in for summative assessment. One of the best ways to solidify students’ knowledge is through transformation: having them transform a product to evidence the depth of their un

Macbeth: Write Your Own Soliloquy assignment for after Act IV!

After students read Act IV of Macbeth, this creative assignment asks them to choose a question to answer in the form of a soliloquy. The options ask them to consider what different characters were thinking as specific events were unfolding in the play. For example, one of the questions is “What is Banquo thinking as he is about to die?” The instructions contain 7 different questions students can choose from, requirements, a chart they will use to analyze their own writing, and a rubr

“Macbeth” Witches Cauldron Writing Assignment

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After reading the Witches chant from Act 4.1 of “Macbeth,” students will be able to create their own witches chant by using the same rhetoric/writing style as Shakespeare. Students will also be able to analyze the literary events within the chant that connects to the play’s conflict by identifying and citing key lines within the scene.

Macbeth Character Analysis Writing Assignment

This writing assignment is designed to help students conduct a short, written character analysis about Lady Macbeth using the APE method (answer, proof, evidence). It is designed to be used with the No Fear Shakespeare version of the text, and is great for younger students, struggling readers, ELL students, or students with IEPs. The download includes an assignment introduction and overview, an APE writing template, and a response sheet for composing the final draft. It also contains a PowerPoin

Macbeth – Writing in Role Assignment

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This is a version of a RAFTS project I give when teaching Macbeth. It asks them to chose their own adventure, with specific prompts provided for them to pick from. It’s a creative writing assignment – where the final product has to LOOK real, or authentic. Which means you can mark it in really different ways – content, media mark, etc! A rubric / planning proposal sheet is included in case you’d like to use them. ROLE AUDIENCE FORMAT TOPIC For example, I’ve had ones submitted written by L

Macbeth Final Writing Assignment Choices

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Students are given a choice of writing tasks relating to Macbeth. Each task is given a number of points (based on length and difficulty). I asked my students to fulfil any combination of 100 points, but this is easily adaptable based on your needs.

Soliloquy Writing Assignment (Macbeth Act IV)

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Students will get a chance to write their own Shakespearean soliloquy in this assignment. I have used this assignment after reading Act IV and Act V of Macbeth, but it can be used with many Shakespearean plays!

Macbeth Writing Assignment: Ambition

This product consists of a text-based question asking students to analyze the play Macbeth and the events surrounding the Tonya Harding scandal. Therefore, students are expected to synthesize information from both sources in order to answer the writing prompt. The product consists of the article detailing the events around the infamous figure skating scandal and a PowerPoint detailing the entire assignment including a bell ringer, link to a movie trailer to introduce the article, directions for

Macbeth Modern Day Macbeth Writing Assignment

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This writing assignment based on Macbeth by William Shakespeare asks students to compare Macbeth to a modern day person that let ambition lead to their downfall. In this day and age, there are many such people to choose from!

Creative Writing – Macbeth – English

Creative WritingMacbeth Choose the topic below that interests you and that you feel you can say the most about. This is a complex play with complex characters. Through your writing, you are to demonstrate that you have made some sense of that complexity and that you can explain yourself thoroughly and clearly. You do not need to sound exactly like Shakespeare, even if you decide to write like a character. You will use quotes now and then, as explained below. Your paper will have a structure and organization even though you may be writing a letter or a speech. Your creative piece should be through and at least 3 pages long (double spaced). Present details and use the “voice” of the time. “Imagine” Topics 1. a) Imagine you are a lawyer, defending Macbeth‘s crimes. Write the speech which you would give to the judge and jury to try to persuade them that Macbeth was (or is) insane. Make your argument clear, logical and thorough. b) Imagine the same scene as in the above topic, but in this case you are the prosecuting attorney. In your speech, you will try to persuade your audience that Macbeth must be held accountable for his crimes. 2. a) Imagine you are Macbeth near the end of the play. When you are alone with yourself at this time, what will you have to say? Write out an interior monologue of your thoughts, especially as you try to decide whether you were right or wrong to do what you did. Consider the entire play. b) Imagine the same scene as above, but in this interior monologue you examine your wife’s part in all this. How much responsibility should she accept? c) Imagine you are Macbeth thinking about future generations and how they’ll think of you. You want history to treat you fairly. Write a letter to future citizens of Scotland to explain why you did what you did.

Shakespeare’s Macbeth Act 1 Creative Writing Activity Character’s Persona

This resource includes a ready-to-use interactive activity students can complete on any device. Easel by TpT is free to use! Learn more.

Also included in

Explore the engaging lessons, activities, and assessments in this complete, no-prep teaching unit for Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The collection includes reading and discussion questions, assessments, creative activities, projects, group presentations, essay writing prompts and outlines, and an objective

Engage your students with these creative activities and enhance your Macbeth unit.Students love to demonstrate their understanding of literature in untraditional, creative ways. These differentiated activities for Shakespeare’s Macbeth include creative writing, drawing, performing, and collaboratin


Your students enjoy this creative writing activity for Macbeth Act 1. Exploration of characterization in the first act of Macbeth is essential for students’ understanding of the dynamic transformation of characters throughout the play. Shakespeare’s universal illustration of the influence of ambition and the destruction of guilt is fascinating to high school kids. This creative writing activity offers students choices and teachers an opportunity for differentiation. Great as a formative assessment. No-prep. Includes scoring rubric.

Printable PDF or TPT Digital Easel Activity

  • This creative writing activity requires students to adopt the persona of a character and think the way he or she does.
  • To begin, there is a scenario describing the night of Duncan’s arrival at Inverness. Students are to imagine that Duncan is preparing a speech to honor his warriors, Macbeth is writing in a journal, Banquo comments in a log, and Lady Macbeth is entering thoughts in her diary.
  • There is a definition of persona and its etymological origins.
  • Following are directions for the activity which require students to assume the persona of Macbeth, Banquo, or Lady Macbeth and complete the entry described.
  • For each character, students are provided with three important points to cover. For example, for Macbeth include thoughts about the witches’ prophecies, Duncan’s kingly graces, and his love for his wife.
  • Students are required to include a quote from Act 1. I’ve included directions about quoting: slashes for line ends, brackets for omissions or clarification, block quotes, and citation format (MLA).
  • Students are also required to provide a graphic, art, photo, bitmoji…anything that portrays their characters’ state of mind.
  • The composition requirements include length (250-300 words) and a reminder to follow class format requirements.
  • As a model, I’ve included a speech by Duncan, which illustrates the various requirements of the activity. (I really enjoyed writing that!)
  • I include the graphic which is Sleep and his Half-brother Death by John William Waterhouse.
  • Finally, there is a scoring rubric, which I encourage kids to use as a checklist when writing and peer editing.
  • The format is attractive; clear font; relevant graphics.

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