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Resume writing service in dubai

Land your dream job with a Professional CV

Did you know that Professional CVs are 3 times more likely to be viewed by employers?

  • Entry Level $99.00
  • Junior Level $129.00
  • Mid‑Career Level $159.00
  • Senior Level $199.00
  • Expert Level $249.00

CV Writing for Entry‑Level Professionals

For professionals with less than 2 years of work experience

Transform your skills, projects, and academic qualifications into an exciting CV that gets you noticed.

Kickstart your career with the help of our professional CV writers. All you need to do is place your order. We will do the rest.

CV Writing for Junior‑Level Professionals

For professionals with 3 – 5 years of work experience

Looking for help presenting your skills, work experience,and qualifications to employers? We understand what employers are looking for, and we are here to help.

Our professional writers have worked with thousands of young professionals in the Middle East and North Africa, helping them create exciting CVs that showcase their experience, skill and capabilities.

CV Writing for Mid‑Career Professionals

For professionals with 6 – 8 years of work experience

Looking forward to taking the next step in your career? The job market in the Middle East is competitive and full of people looking for new opportunities. Let our professionals assist you in creating a CV that will help you get there.

Remember, professional CVs are 3 times more likely to be viewed by employers. Let us start creating your CV today.

CV Writing for Senior‑Level Professionals

For professionals with 9 – 15 years of work experience

Are you looking to be presented as the innovative leader you are? Let our professionals help you get a cutting-edge CV, crafted by the top CV writers for the region.

Our professional CV writers worked with thousands of senior level professionals in the region. Their insights on the job market, and knowledge of the most attractive keywords is exactly the kind to assistance you need to showcase your profile.

CV Writing for Expert‑Level Professionals

For professionals with over 15 years of work experience

Are you looking to reach new heights and leave an indelible mark in your career? Let our CV Writing Experts consolidate your profile to promote your unique professional brand.

Our experienced professional writers have worked with thousands of executive-level professionals in the region, helping them create an exclusive profile to showcase their long and impressive experience and accomplishments.

How do I get my Professional CV?

Sample Work


Since 2005 we have helped over 40,000 professionals create job‑winning CVs for the Middle Eastern job market.

  • Akram Azab
  • English Language Instructor
  • I am really impressed with the total reform of my CV. I will keep recommending your services to my colleagues and friends.
  • Katrina Kenny
  • Sector Specialist
  • What a terrific job you have done on my CV! I nearly cried when I saw it and read it.
  • Manuj Thakur
  • Business Development Consultant
  • Highly professional people who are ready to help with job search, but most importantly they understand the candidate’s application and situation! Highly recommended service.
  • Omair Shafiq Hurzuk
  • Process Design Engineer
  • I got my CV through in June and in October I got an interview in Abu Dhabi. [The employers] were impressed with my CV’s content, structure, format, and layout.
  • Abdulla Ibrahim Aboud
  • Wholesale and Projects Manager
  • Highly appreciate your remarkable effort!
  • Mohd. Rachad Ziadeh
  • Project Manager
  • I am so pleased with the result. What you guys did to my CV is just astonishing!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does equip me with the right career tools?

With over a decade of experience working with employers, we understand how to capture the interest of hiring managers and recruiters. With thousands of satisfied customers till date, we are experts at providing customized CVs with keyword optimization, an accomplishment-driven focus, and crisp layouts that appeal both in terms of presentation and content quality.

Once you have purchased your CV writing package, your personalized career consultant will get in touch over email to guide you through the process. The first draft of your CV order will be delivered within 6-10 business days.

Yes, to cater to your needs, we do have an express delivery option that you can select to receive your Professional CV’s first draft within 3 business days instead of 10.

Our aim is to ensure your satisfaction at every level. One of our consultants will deliver your CV’s first draft and request for your input and feedback. You will be provided 2 rounds of edits to ensure that the CV matches your precise requirements.

We have been preparing CV reviews and writing services since 2005 and we have served over 40,000 clients from the MENA region. Our vast experience in this business allows us to promote your skill-set and achievements in a much advanced manner as our experts are aware of how employers are looking for candidates.

Resume writing service in dubai

Best suited for: CXO`s, Executive, Senior and Mid Management Professionals

Reputed for: CV Writing Service, Covers, LinkedIn`s, CV Distribution and Branding

Pricing: 4/10 (Moderately Priced; Higher number means more expensive)

First Draft Delivery: 5-6 days (On time 99%)

Support for Revisions: Unlimited for 6 months| Support post finalization of documents

Key Service Highlight: **90 days Interview Guarantee**

Urgent Delivery: 2 days available

**Most Recommended Package**

Super Saver (Bundles many services at low price) | CV Writing | CV Distribution | LinkedIn

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For a company having top Resume writers and offering the best CV writing service in Dubai, UAE year on year, Careerzooom company is second to non. Their team is packed with the best CV writers, recruiters and their timely delivery has always been the plus factor. Careerzooom offers unlimited revisions for 6 months from date of finalization of Resume. You receive MS Word and PDF file formats that are free of any watermarks.

They also offer a range of services for those who want to get a job, real fast including the popular CV Distribution. The LinkedIn Promotion and Job hunt services have also very good results. The super saver package can save you majorly upto USD 293 with a host of great services. Coming back to the Resume we received was written from ground up in a very appealing format and it was ATS compliant.

What makes this company hold the numero uno position is its unique style of writing and focus on your achievements to make your CV stand out. The Cover was also to the point without being too lengthy using the correct words that added a lot of value. What’s more we found their CV Distribution service to give us maximum value. If its CV Writing Dubai its Careerzooom.

Most Recommended Package: Jumbo Saver (All their top services at the lowest price)

97% Positive CV Reviews (1572 Reviews)| Rating 9.7 / 10

Operating Since: 2005

## Trust Score: 9.7/10

Best suited for: Top Management, Senior, Mid and Entry Level Professionals

Reputed for: CV Writing Service, Covers, LinkedIn`s, CV Distribution and Job Management

Most Recommended Package: Jumbo Saver (All their top services at the lowest price)

Pricing: 5/10 (Moderately Priced; Higher number means more expensive)

Support for Revisions: Unlimited for 6 months | Support post finalization of documents

Key Service Highlight: **90 days Interview Guarantee**

First Draft Delivery: 6-7 days (On time 99%)

Urgent Delivery: 2 days available

**Most Recommended Package**

Jumbo Saver (All their top services at the lowest price) | CV Writing

If you are looking for a complete makeover of your Resume and LinkedIn profile then look no further. A 2020 MEA Award winner for the Best Resume Writing company in Middle-East, Art2write is certainly deserving. The team at have been revamping profiles of professionals for several years. Their resume writers are probably the most experienced of the list here. What sets them apart are their skills in transforming any given CV.

They ask the right questions and bring out your key accomplishments. Entry level CV Writing is USD 39. You will not find any other service that can give you a better quality to price ratio. They offer 24 hours service for Resume and Cover writing (at USD 19 extra). If you have trusted them with your work, expect your recruiter to be very pleased with your profile. Count on them to make your CV!

Reputed for: Resume Writing, Covers

79% Positive CV Reviews (822 Reviews)| Rating 8.5 / 10

Operating Since: 2000

## Trust Score: 9.5/10

Detailed review here

Best suited for: Top Management and if you are ready to pay more!

Reputed for: CV Writing, Covers

Pricing: 10/10 (Highly Expensive; Higher number means more expensive)

Support for Revisions: Limited 2 weeks | No support post finalization of documents

Key Service Highlight: Multi level Support

First Draft Delivery: 7-10 days (On time 89%)

Urgent Delivery: 3 days available

**Most Recommended Package**

Top Management CV Writing

Bayt is the biggest and most successful job portal in the Middle-East. The website draws thousands of visitors for a variety of services, primarily for uploading their CV online and finding jobs. In regards to Resume Writing we have placed it at No 3 for its quality to price ratio. Although the quality of work found was good, compared to the price they charge, it seems very high.

You get your CV delivered on time and your work is professionally managed. Strange as it may sound but if you need your Resume in MS Word format in a pre made template then you are charged a premium. The templates are decent but we found better ones that are modern and goes well with a modern day resume.

Reputed for: Covers

72% Positive Reviews (583 Reviews)| Rating 7.0 / 10

Operating Since: 2005

## Trust Score: 9.4/10

Best suited for: Covers, Mid Level Resume

Reputed for: Covers

Pricing: 10/10 (Low Price; Higher number means more expensive)

Support for Revisions: Conditional 60 days|Limited support post finalization of documents

Key Service Highlight: 60 days Interview Guarantee

First Draft Delivery: 3-4 days (On time 85%)

Urgent Delivery: Available

Visit Website: Gulf-talent / Top-CV

**Most Recommended Package**

Cover Letter Writing

Gulf-talent has outsourced the writing to another company. Unfortunately Top-CV also known as CV now does not have local Middle-east and GCC market knowledge. This Resume makers CV work in the US and Europe market better than here. Generally speaking the writing is decent but fails to live up to gulf standards. The order delivery and process and pretty top notch and our review could not identify any issues. Gulf-talent is a reputed company and the quality in general was nothing we could complain about.

Detailed review here

Reputed for: Resume Writing, Covers

70% Positive CV Reviews (397 Reviews)| Rating 6.9 / 10

Operating Since: 2015

## Trust Score: 8.7/10

Best suited for: Junior and Entry Levels

Reputed for: Resume Writing, Covers

Pricing: 10/10 (Extremely expensive; Higher number means more expensive)

Support for Revisions: No specific terms|No support post finalization of documents

Key Service Highlight: Non in specific

First Draft Delivery: 4 days (On time 85%)

**Most Recommended Package**

Entry Level Resume Writing has a number of limitations. A major issue is that they offer revisions only for a month. Considering it is not a major brand this is a negative. We also found the price very high. The quality of writing is not exceptional and we strongly felt there were no native English writers involved. When contacting them it took us repeated tries to get a proper feedback. You have plenty of options if you are willing to pay AED 650 for a mid level CV. Look elsewhere is our recommendation!

Detailed review here

Find out the Best CV and Resume Writing Services company in Dubai, UAE. Top professional Resume Writers and companies with DETAILED AUTHENTIC REVIEWS .

A resume by far is the most critical document in your job hunting process. If you are reading this you belong to the worthy 13% of job seekers you very well understand the importance of a CV and how it impacts your career. With an ever increasing number of applicants employers find it more and more difficult to shortlist resume that meet their requirements. Before we get to how can a professional writer or CV Writing company can help you write a fantastic resume lets understand what an employer looks for in one.

1. Presentation: No matter how skilled you are and for that sake how well you have written your experience, a lackluster presentation will always spoil your game. Your chances of making a cut are equally dependent on how much effort have you put in the design and format of your CV. From an employers point of view they see thousands (1,000) of resume everyday and unless your presentation or deign does not have a wow factor you may not get a second look.

2. Career Summary: Remember, on average an employer will not spend more than 6 seconds on your CV. Those 6 seconds are obviously the most valuable. It is best to summarize your career in a manner that creates the most impact. The key to this is to create a balance between the length, quality of words and topic you are covering (for example your skills or achievements). If this is not impressive, your resume may not be given a thorough read.

3. Key Skills: Have you covered all your important skills. Again, if your resume is being quickly read then this section may hold the reader`s attention since he can quickly go through your major skills and match it to his requirement. However just adding random skills from your industry will not help.

4. Achievement Oriented: Your accomplishments are the most important factor in helping the recruiter make a decision on calling you for an interview. Instead of writing task based roles, if you have focused on how you have delivered then you have hit bulls eye. A crucial factor one always misses.

5. ATS Compatible: While presentation is important if you get overboard doing it you may risk ATS rejecting your resume. Applicant tracking systems are nothing but machines (software algorithms) that read your resume. Although they have made huge advancements in technology from its early days some limitations remain. Ensure your resume is always meeting the requirements of an ATS

Majorly because one does not have the required expertise, understanding and most importantly the time to prepare a CV that meets an employers requirement. A professional CV Writing service offering company has complete understanding of the requirements and can prepare a CV that has upto 500% more chance of making the cut versus the resume you prepare. The argument that one knows their industry and job area well is a little too outdated. The top companies we will discuss soon have with them some of the best industry experts and writers. Some of them may know your industry better than you do. No exaggeration.

To ensure the rating is carried out fairly, we ensured we used the same pattern with all companies. For example we contacted the resume Writing services and companies using email. No express or speed service was used and only one round of feedback was given. This helped us in evaluating the services they offered. We review Resume Writing Service and Cover Letter.

1. First Contact Experience: Here we established a contact with the company through email and later through chat support to let them know about our requirement of preparing a professional Resume. We informed them that we googled for CV Writing Services Dubai and came across their website. The email was replied within 20 minutes and we were get going. Best part is chat was instant. We were not speaking with any sales person and directly interacting with a senior writer. The writer was happy to speak with us over phone but we denied since this was mystery shopping. My doubts were cleared promptly. Surprisingly the emails were always answered under 20 minutes.

2. Ordering Experience: SSL Security is key to making any financial transactions on a website. Careerzooom is a secured website. So we knew the information and details we shared was safe. Options were to pay by card directly or by paypal. We were taken to paypal and the payment was completed in less than 5 minutes. I received a confirmation email within seconds and another email from the assigned resume writer in 15 minutes. Complete plan of action and next steps were shared. Again no room for any complains.

3. Order Delivery and Communication: Your customer is always happy if you deliver on time however the best part with careerzooom is they delivered before the requested 6 days. First copy of my resume was delivered on day 3 itself. The writer gave me instructions on how I could share my feedback and ETA for making revisions. Good work till now.

4. CV Review: I was extremely surprised to see the quality of my first draft. From a lengthy 5 pager it was trimmed down to 2 pages. That being said, the writer had covered details I felt I could never have done myself with simple yet very effective usage of words. The writing was crisp, too the point and had all the relevant keywords of my industry. I was asked to share my achievements earlier which he added generously across the CV. Later we also ordered the Cover Letter which was very impressive. No grammatical mistakes and excellent sentence structuring. You could make out this was written by a pro. We tested the resume for its ATS compatibility by uploading the CV to popular job boards. Had zero failures in this front and both the Resume and Cover was uploaded successfully. We had tried the major ones only so cannot comment if any specific job site has a problem. A perfect 10 in this region.

5. Post delivery experience and Feedback: Although there was hardly any room to improve the new resume further, I did ask the writer to move a few roles here and there for the sake of gathering the revision experience. The writer requested 3 days turnaround time to get back with changes. I received the next version in a couple of days with the changes as requested. I was asked if the work could be closed upon my satisfaction. As per its standard procedure, I was offered 6 months to make changes of any type. Overall one of the best resume Writing companies in Dubai, UAE and across Middle-East.