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Star wars creative writing prompts

Give me your Star Wars writing prompts!

I have a couple here from awhile back but I’m really wanting to get into some short fiction, it can be just about anything including crossovers – but I can’t totally promise I can do a crossover if I don’t know anything about the world.

So throw me ideas you’ve always wanted to see written or just something you think would be fun!

– The process of Obi-Wan Falling during the Clone Wars

– Bo-Katan’s opinions of Obi-Wan

– Luke and Leia growing up together

A story about Anakin not turning to the dark side somehow . please? I really need a happy ending for him and Padme and pretty much all the characters from the clone wars besides Palpatine

Also anything that has to do with Anakin x Ahsoka or Obi-Wan x Ventress, I just like those stories

I’m working on an Anakin time travel fic where things go well right now at least, I am also plotting something out for a longfic of him avoiding what happened in Ep 2! I can def work on some short stories too, I also love Obi-Wan/Ventress!

Started working on a one shot of young Obi-Wan and Asajj and this happened, probably going to be several chapters at least.

What if Grievous survived and lived throughout the Imperial Era and the Galactic Civil War?

What if Rey and Finn returned to Ilium to scavenge and get a kyber crystal?

What if Gray Jedi existed and how would they interact in the Imperial Era?

A story about a stormtrooper who works with inquisitors, only to find out one of his parents is force sensitive and be forced to kill them for the empire Idk the effects of that on his opinions may be cool

I’m not sure how I’d go about writing it without it being said I ripped off Critical Role, I could try it though.

You could do a padme kenobi relationship that sends anakin to the darkside. As his wife cheated on him with his master.

Or you could do a ashoka rex relatinship or even a kenobi cody or a windu ayala secura relatinship.

I know I’m late, but it hasn’t even been 20 days yet. Maybe that’s still rude, but reddit still lets me comment so I don’t know. I don’t know what the general time frame for commenting is seen as good or bad here.

Anyway; I have one, but unfortunately it’s more of a crossover than a straight Star Wars fic.

My idea/prompt is a Holy Grail War taking place in the Galaxy during the time of the Prequels.

A Holy Grail War has seven Masters summon seven Heroic Spirits in the form of Servants.

There are seven main “classes” of Servant. They are as follows:

Saber, Heroic Spirit of the Sword.

Lancer, Heroic Spirit of the Lance.

Archer, Heroic Spirit of the Bow.

Rider, Heroic Spirit of the Mount.

Caster, Heroic Spirit of Spells and Sorcery.

Assassin, Heroic Spirit of Assassination.

Berserker, Heroic Spirit of Berserk Rage.

Of course, there are “extra” classes as well. These are as follows:

Ruler, Heroic Spirit of Arbitration.

Avenger, Heroic Spirit of Vengeance.

Shielder, Heroic Spirit of the Shield.

Saver, Heroic Spirit of Salvation.

Foreigner. Visitor from the Empty Void.

Each Heroic Spirit can fit into different classes, especially during different points in their life. For example, the Heroic Spirit “Medusa” has three different classes she’s so far seen to appear in.

She can be aLancer, in both her adult and child-like forms (though more commonly appears as her more petite self as Lancer). She is most commonly summoned as Rider in her adult form.

She also manifests as Avenger during her later years after going mad and eating her two sisters and wanting revenge against humanity for prosecuting her as a monster despite her being a former goddess.

And it’s even possible for two of the same Heroic Spirit to be present in the same Holy Grail War, though this would be exceedingly rare.

The goal of the HGW is to kill the six other Servants so that their copied souls will be fed to the Holy Grail and it will be charged. Easiest way to kill the Servants is to kill the Masters, as the Servants rely on the Masters for the magical energy (or Force energy as an equivalent) to sustain themselves in this reality.

They’re not technically supposed to be there, so the “World” or “Universe” (closer to “Reality” than either of the previous two, but they’re still applicable) tries to stop them from existing, but giving them magic/force energy allows them to get around this.

You may ask, why would anyone want to participate in this death match between ancient super powered heroes, some of which can straight up life wipe a planet casually (looking at you, Quetzal-“I become the Chicxulub Impactor because I’m an alien parasite that hitched a ride on it and so I can now conceptually turn myself into that same meteor and repeat that event”-coatl!)?

Well, the answer to that is in the name!

The Holy Grail was created by humans to reach the Root. But it can be used in other ways as well.

When charged with seven souls from Heroic Spirit copied into Servants it can allow one to become one with the Root of All Creation.

But. if charged with only six souls, then it becomes an omnipotent wish granting device that can give you anything you want, with the only exception being becoming one with the Root.

Immortality? Done. Unlimited Powah? Can do. Infinite Riches? Easy. Resurrection of a loved one? Blink once and there they are.

Creamy Sheev Palpatine doesn’t need all these schemes and plots to become Galactic Emperor, he can just wish himself to be the ruler of the entire universe with absolute control if he wins the Holy Grail War!

Anakin would be able to bring his mother back, or gain the power to both save Padme and bring his mother back!

It can all be done easily! All you have to do is summon a Heroic Spirit and be the last Master standing at the end of it all!

I even have a few ideas for which Servants (at least the classes of a few) would be summoned by who.

I even have a few ideas for the different Servants and Master combos. Know how Anakin always gets so attached to people? Well, give him Brynhildr, who will begin to love him and see him as her husband Sigurd. where she will then begin attempting to kill him. She attempts to kill anyone she loves, it’s why being Brynhildr is suffering.

Or what if Anakin summoned Tamamo-no-Mae? She’s. not a good person, to say the least. She can be a cruel and genuinely evil person if she feels she can get away with it. But she will love her Master and will always do by what they say. If Anakin said “don’t kill people” she wouldn’t kill people.

At least, she wouldn’t kill anyone while he was around. If someone was plotting against Anakin and she got a wiff of it, but Anakin still had no idea, she’d just take it into her own hands and murder whoever was plotting and anyone else in on it.

If it means she and her Master get to live a lovey dovey life as husband and wife she’s willing to do just about anything. If she believes Anakin deserves a spot on the Jedi Council as a Jedi Master, and he doesn’t get it, well. she’ll just go on up there, kick the shit out of them all and demand they do it or she’ll kill them and everyone in the temple, including the kids. And she’d be able to do it, as well. After all, Tamamo-no-Mae is a “bunrei” (like cutting a branch off a tree to grow a new tree) of the Sun Goddess Amaterasu. who is a literal GODDESS!

Or what if Anakin summoned Kijyo Kōyō, who is a fucking DINOSAUR!?

That’s my idea! Though, since I’m literally the dumbest person I’ve ever met, both in real life or online, it’s probably a dumb idea. That said, I can see potential in it, so I’m giving it here.

15 Star Wars Writing Prompts

For millions of fans around the World, the Star Wars franchise captures the imagination like nothing else.

Deeply woven story lines and character development – and of course the wonderfully rich universe full of every imaginable type of species, planet, technology, and more.

It’s little wonder then that this is a topic which can draw our students into writing like few others.

Why Star Wars themed prompts?

As I’ve mentioned already, harnessing the cult-power of a an epic franchise such as Star Wars to get our students imaginations running into overdrive (or hyperspace as the case may be!) is just a fantastic method to use.

It’s one of those wonderful win-win situations, students get excited and engaged with the writing task at hand – even reluctant writers at that – and we teachers reap the benefit of that enthusiasm.

Now naturally some students won’t be interested in sci-fi films, but I would bet that the majority would prefer writing about a Star Wars character than many other topics that might crop up in the classroom.

How to use these:

Writing topics based on popular toy and film franchises are able to be used in a multitude of ways – for most students they’re already very familiar with the characters and setting.

As a result you’re able to assign topics out to individuals to take away and write about in their own time, or discuss in small groups.

Likewise bringing these up for class discussion, whether to flesh out a creative writing session, opinion piece, or informative writing essay can be a very engaged and productive exercise!

Here are the prompts:

  1. Who is the kindest Star Wars character, and why?
  2. Which Star Wars character had to make the most difficult decision? Why?
  3. What was the best musical moment from the Star Wars movies? Why?
  4. If you had to live in one of the Star Wars locations, what one would you choose? Why?
  5. Which species or race of beings in Star Wars do you wish you knew more about? Write about them.
  6. Would you like your own droid? Write about what it would be like to have one.
  7. What sort of character is Chewbacca and how does he interact with those around him? Explain.
  8. Which planet featured in Star Wars would be most difficult to live on? Why?
  9. What does hyperdrive enable ships to do in Star Wars? Why is this important for space travel?
  10. Which character only featured in a minor role in Star Wars made the biggest impression on you? Why?
  11. Describe your day as an Ewok living on Endor.
  12. What was the best vehicle or ship in Star Wars? Why? Describe it in every detail.
  13. Why is the struggle between the dark and light sides of the force an interesting theme?
  14. Which character in Star Wars deserves their own movie? Write an outline of the films plot.
  15. What animal from Star Wars do you wish you had as a pet? Write a short story describing what it is like to have one.

May the writing be with you

I’m sure your aspiring writers will get a kick out of these prompts. I’d love to hear how you’ve used them with your students, and which got the best reaction! I see all you May the 4th writers too! Welcome

Here, try some mars writing prompts, I think you’ll like them too. Or maybe some about robots?

Make sure you check out our thousands of other free writing prompts and teaching resources we’ve got for you here at TeachersNotepad, and stay tuned for more being released every week.

Don’t forget to bookmark and Pin, so you can check back soon for more goodies.

Thanks and see you again soon,
– Matt & Hayley

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FREE Star Wars Printable Writing Prompts for Kindergarten

Need a fun writing activity for Kindergarten? Our star wars writing prompts are out of this world. These FREE printable writing prompts for kindergarten are perfect for students just starting to write. These kindergarten writing prompts include not only creative writing prompts and story starters, but cute start wars clipart, ruled lines, and a place for children to draw a picture for their story too. Simply print pdf file with star wars printables and you are ready for a FUN star wars writing activities.

Star Wars Writing Prompts

Do you remember the first time you saw Star Wars? Most children love Star Wars and for good reason. The movies have all the elements of amazing story telling. There are dastardly villains, underdogs battling injustice, and glorious monsters of every shape and size. What kid hasn’t dreamed of being Luke and training as a Jedi? My boys would go on imaginary adventures with R2-D2 or pretend to be Ewoks. The Star Wars universe captures the imagination of all ages. And with the release of new annimated series like The Clone Wars, younger children can enjoy this galaxy far, far away as well. Why not take advantage of this and bring out some Star Wars learning activities? These star wars writing prompts help encourage kids to write using creative writing promps, star wars story starters, and cute clipart to engage kindergartners. So grab these star wars writing ideas and make writing fun for elementary age students!

Star Wars Printables

Start by scrolling to the bottom of the post, under the terms of use, and click on the text link that says >> _____ free star wars printables pdf file will open in a new window for you to save the freebie and print the template.

Writing prompts for kindergarten

These Star Wars Writing Prompts are perfect for kindergarten, or first grade! The story starters could also be used by older kids. There are worksheets for everyone from beginners to more experienced writers. Use them for quick writing practice, or pair them with some art activities for a longer project.

Kindergarten writing prompts

These kindergarten story starters will invite students to explore the wonders of the galaxy through writing. Some will prompt the kids to engage their imaginations and write a story. Others will provide the opportunity for them to create their own monster. The pages are designed for use with children at a variety of skill levels! Take a look inside the package.

  1. The first page is for use with children who are just beginning to write. The writing prompt encourages them to imagine the adventure they would have if R2-D2 followed them home from school. There is a space for a picture and a few lines after the picture for the children to write their stories.
  2. The second page invites students to create their own monster. They name the monster and decide what it eats! There is room for a picture and a description. You might want to brainstorm some adjectives with your students. to use in the descriptions. Here’s a great list to get you started.
  3. The third page invites students to draw their own picture and then write a short story about spending a day with Chewbacca. This open-ended activity allows students to take the story in any direction they wish. This is another page that would work well for children still developing their writing skills.
  4. The fourth page is another fun writing prompt engages the children’s imagination and invites them to write a story about flying a tie fighter. This one has more lines for kids that want to write a longer story. What fun!

Star wars writing activities

  • We’ve included a blank page, so that students can write a Star Wars story of their choosing.
  • You’ll also find a page of star wars story starters.

Star wars prompts

  • These Star Wars story prompts are great for students at various levels. Older students can choose a story prompt and work with it. They can draw an illustration as well.
  • You can also use them for group work if you prefer. Give small groups of students a story prompt with to work with. Invite them to write and illustrate the story.
  • Story prompts can also be used for writing journals, centers, or sent home as a homework assignment. They can also be used in tandem with an art project.
  • Another fun project is to create comic strips. Kids love doing this and it promotes storytelling. You can find step by step instructions and comic book templates here .


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