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University of oklahoma creative writing

English: Writing, Minor

This is an archived copy of the 2019-2020 catalog. To access the most recent version of the catalog, please visit

Minimum Total Credit Hours: 15

Minimum Upper-Division Hours: 9

Program Code: N377

The requirements for a minor must be completed concurrently with the major degree requirements.

No minor may be added by completing courses after receiving the bachelor’s degree.

At least six (6) credit hours must be earned in courses acceptable for residence credit by standards set forth by the College of Arts and Sciences, excluding transfer, correspondence, and examination (AP, CLEP, Advanced Standing) credit. Courses for the minor may not be taken Pass/ No Pass.

No single course may be used by a student to satisfy a major requirement and a minor requirement. A course may be used, however, to satisfy both a major support requirement and a minor requirement.

Requests to substitute a minor requirement must be approved in writing by the Department of English.

Required Courses

Students must successfully complete at least 15 hours in writing courses beyond the first-year level, at least nine (9) hours at the upper-division level.

Course List

Code Title Credit Hours
Choose fifteen (15) hours in writing courses beyond the first-year level, including at least nine (9) hours at the upper-division level. 15
Total Credit Hours 15

Writing courses that fulfill the requirements for the minor in writing include:

Writing Track

In this track, students study theories of written communication, practice them extensively in various writing contexts, and explore issues concerning literacy, language, and the relation of writing to different cultures.


All English majors are required to take the following courses:

  1. English 2273, Literary and Cultural Analysis.
  2. Either English 2283, Critical Methods, or English 3843, Theory Now.
  3. A pair of survey courses, chosen from one of the following:
    • English 2433/2443, World Literature
    • English 2543/2653, British Literature
    • English 2773/2883, American Literature
  4. English 4853, Senior Capstone.

All students must have a proficiency in a foreign language, satisfied by two intermediate foreign-language courses or their equivalent.

Students on the writing track elect four writing courses (three of which must be upper division) from the following:

  • 2113 Intermediate Writing
  • 2123 Creative Writing
  • 2133 Autobiographical Writing
  • 3103 Topics in Advanced Composition
  • 3123 Fiction Writing
  • 3133 Poetry Writing
  • 3153 Technical Writing
  • 3163 Writing, Rhetoric and Histories of Technology
  • 3173 Histories of Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology
  • 3223 Oklahoma Writers/Writing Oklahoma
  • 4923 Advanced Fiction Writing
  • 4933 Advanced Poetry Writing
  • 4943 Advanced Creative Nonfiction Writing
  • 4990 Independent Study in Writing

Students are ordinarily restricted to taking no more than one creative course in any given semester, except with special permission from the Undergraduate Director. Also, English 2123 (Creative Writing) must be taken before upper-division creative writing courses are attempted.

Professional Writing

The Professional Writing (PW) program at Gaylord College helps students develop the skills needed to succeed in the publishing industry. Those skills, which include the ability to communicate clearly, think logically, manage large-scale projects and craft a compelling narrative, are critical to virtually all careers. PW majors are in the business of writing; learning how to pitch a story, marketing themselves as an author and preparing for careers as freelance authors of books, short stories, magazine articles and screenplays, both fiction and nonfiction, in print and online. Who knows, you could be the next New York Times Best Seller or win an Academy Award for Best Screenplay!

Gaylord Hall has more than 100,000 square-feet of high-tech classroom, presentation, studio and computer lab space. Gaylord Hall includes four computer classrooms, two complete digital broadcast studios, 14 video editing bays, classrooms and two state-of-the-art open multimedia labs available for all students.

Do my interests fit?

PW students typically have interests in:

  • Writing/editing
  • Reading
  • Fiction/nonfiction
  • Grammar and style
  • Creative expression
  • Communication skills
  • Multimedia

High school preparation could include journalism, creative writing, broadcast production or yearbook.

How can OU PW help me?

Thousands of books in all genres of fiction and nonfiction have been published by faculty and former students in the PW program including novelists Deborah Chester, J. Madison Davis, Jim Butcher, Louis L’Amour, Ross Thomas, Carolyn Hart and Tony Hillerman. Gaylord College has built an incredible alumni network that exists to help yOU! With graduates in PW all over the world, alumni look forward to meeting with, donating and awarding internships to Gaylord students. Advisors and faculty encourage and help supplement traditional classroom experience with on-the-job training. With opportunities like career fairs, networking events, premier student organizations, faculty guided trips and tours and study abroad opportunities, there’s no limit to the possibilities with a PW degree.