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What do you like doing at the weekend essay


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There are many things I usually do on the weekends but I always spend time with my family. On Saturdays I work in the mornings from 8.00 a.m. to noon. After that I have lunch with my family in a restaurant. In the afternoon My family and me go shopping for groceries at Tottus or Metro supermarket. In the evening We usually watch movies at home. I prefer science fiction movies but my kids like cartoons or comedies. After that I usually do the laundry and my wife checks the school homework.

Now Sunday is different because we usually sleep late. We wake up at about 9.00 a.m. and we go to Ventanilla to visit my kid’s grand parents. We have a big breakfast there. We spend time together and in the afternoon we visit my parents in Callao. We usually have a delicious lunch there. My father cooks on Sundays, he is a good cook. Later in the evening we come back home and we get ready for the next week. Sorry but I do’t really like Mondays!

and what about your weekend? What do you usually do on the weekend?

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  1. thefriendly Says:
    July 8, 2011 at 10:59 pm | Reply

Hi Ruben!! .. You have a nice weekend because you spend a lot of time with your family and this is good… I love cats!! .. The picture that you put on your blog about weekend is very beautiful…

Well about that on Saturday, I get up early approximately 6 am, for one thing, I take a shower, for another I prepare breakfast for my little cat and me. After that, I work in the mornings from 8 am to 1 pm. In the afternoon I have a lunch with my old sister because the rest of my family work in differents places. After that, I wash my clothes, it’s boring but I need to do. When I finished to wash my clothes, I watch movies at home. In the evening I usually dinner with my boyfriend and sometimes with my family in a restaurant.

On Saturday I sleep late :D, I have my breakfast on 9.30am. Sometimes I clean my big house or cook a delicious lunch for my family. In the afternoon I read a book and do my homework.

Finally at night I like to watch news with my family. I get sleep 11 oclock.

These things I do on weekends Ruben, It’s not interesting but I think, It’s a short time for me, because I want to do more things interesting in my free time.

Hello Professor Ruben reading your weekend I see it is well connected with your family and like to spend pleasant moments with your family.
instead my weekend …
On Saturday I get up at 7:30 to study, because I have exam 10:30 to 12:00 from there to the house I aver ami television, after lunch at 2.30 and slept there until 6.30 in there check my facebook and hotmail, then I go to sleep at 10:00
On Sundays I get up at 9.00 am there I take breakfast with my family under my room there until 10.30 then I go with my brother to play basketball, then come to lunch at 2:00, then took a shower and put on my Asher tasks that I play day of the week or I get to the next day.
Well see my teacher and finde weeks is a bit moved and fully exploited.

hello teacher ruben you have good on weekend becouse passes with your family and many things together.

and me on weekend , on saturday in the morning, I breakfast
at 9:00. in the afternoon I watch tv my favorite program and I go play soccer with my brothers.
in the night I go to the movies with my friends or I go to a disco dance with my friends.

on sunday I sleep late, I wake up at 10:00.
at 10:30 I have breakfast, in the afternoon I go shopping on plaza norte or on mega plaza with my brothers or with my parents.
in the evening we watch movies at home with my parents and my brothers.
in the night I have dinner delicious with my family , prepared for my mother.see you teacher in class.

Hello Ruben your weekend you go to work, but partly also spend time your family

But my weekend is different on Saturdays I get up at noon to eat at my grandmother’s with my sister and my cousins. In the afternoon I go out with them for a walk, eat or clubs, I’m used to sleeping late on weekends.
Sunday took pace on Saturday as I’m in my grandmother’s house, all weekend the family gathers for various activities.

Hi Ruben !! I really like your weekend activities !! you really like spend time with your family .. In my case is equal. On Saturdays I go to the school from 8:30 to 12:00 pm then I come back home and eat my lunch after that i usually watch TV with my mom or play some music with my brother *-* we love music and he really like to play musical instruments so I play with him or sing XD. In the evening we go out with my father to the cinema and take some air !! after that we something and come back home.
On Sundays sometimes I wake up at 10 am because I feel very tired and I don’t know why hahah but usually I wake up at 8 am and we have breakfast with my grand parents and all my family is with me! in the afternoon we have lunch and then go out again. Hardly ever I go out with my friends or boyfriend but we usually go to the cinema and see horror movies or comedy movies.. I like science fiction movies too like Transformers or Harry Potter but my friends doesn’t like them .. Finally I come back home and I prepare my things for school .. although I HATE MONDAYS .

Ruben nice day! in my opinion, his weekend for me is very interesting and I see we agree on some activities, such as ground Saturday I also shop at Tottus,I love spend time with my family, because from Monday to Saturday I study , well on Saturdays only from 1pm to 4pm I study at my university.
Every Sunday is different, quieter, sometimes I go to the movies at night or else I stay at home watching television news with my mom from 8pm to 10pm or so, and finally go to sleep to the day after back to the routine of Monday to Friday jijiji.
Ruben Anyway I liked the image of the kitten that post to write your weekend.
See you soon .

hi ruben. =) your weekend is very fantastic! In my case is very diferent because on the saturdays mornings i study mith my friends in my school , in the afternoon i wacth tv at 5:00 pm , in the nights i go to the party . with my friends and on sundays mornings i get up at 11:00 am ,in the afternoons i eat with my family in tha dining room , in the nights i study in my room!! thi is all!!

Hi ruben, your weekend is very interesting, you really like spend time with your family, that’s fine….my weekend is diferent because on the saturdays.. I play in the computer with my brother, usually from 9:00 to 12:00, all morning in my house, after play. I go to the movies with my friends from 5:00 to 6:30 to cine planet.

finally..on the sundays are boring because there is nothing good on TV …too I’m doing homework in the morning very boring and hard.. from 10:00 to 12:00 with my friends, after the work, in the afternoons I eat with my family in the restaurant.
this is all I do on my weekend
good bye! ruben.

ohhhh…….your weekends is very different and interesting.
my weekends is atractive for me because on Saturday morning i watch tv at 8 , then i go to the movie with my family and i check e-mail at 6 in the internet.
on Sunday morning i watch tv from 9 to 11 in my house with my friends, then in the afternoon i go shopping and finally i study or listen to music at 7 in my beedroom with my sister

owwww … Ruben … your weekend is interesting.!*

My weekend: on the weekend, I don’t do anything special – I relax.

*On Saturday morning, I sleep late. I get up at 11′ am. In the afternoon, I have pizza for lunch at 3:30 pm. In the evening, I go to the movies with my friends from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m in Cinemark.

*On Sunday morning , I play voleyball from 9:30 to 10:30 am. In the afternoon, I spend time with my family and we watch TV. In the evening we went out for a walk and we go to bed at 11:30 pm.

And also I do not really like Mondays!

hello Ruben your weekend is fantastic and interesting.This is my weekend.
Well …. my weekend is very boring, becouse I work on saturday from 9:00 to 8:00 pm in a spa.
After work, I go eat to pizza with my friends and finally return to home.
On sunday morning relax ,I sleep late , I have bacon and eggs, for breakfast. On sunday afternoon I go to the shopping with my sister, or go out for dinner.
In the evening , I see news and finally go to sleep.
seee you in the class.

bonjour Ruben votre week-end est fantastique et interesting.This est mon week-end.
Eh bien …. mon week-end est très ennuyeux, becouse je travaille le samedi 9:00-20:00 dans un spa.
Après le travail, je vais manger la pizza avec mes amis et enfin revenir à la maison.
Dimanche matin détendre, je dors tard, J’ai bacon et des œufs pour le petit déjeuner. Le dimanche après-midi je vais à l’achat avec ma sœur, ou sors pour dîner.
Dans la soirée, je vois des nouvelles et enfin aller dormir.
vous SEEE dans la classe.

How I spend my weekend

From Monday to Friday, I think about the weekend, or rather about how I will spend Saturday and Sunday. I do not have many friends, so I have to come up with an entertainment program for myself. I’m not a loser, and I do not like to spend my time just near the TV. I’d rather go somewhere on foot just to walk, if I have no other plans. Active life fascinates me the most.

On Saturday morning, I never wake up too late. I’d rather get up at dawn than lie in bed until noon. After drinking a cup of coffee, I spend a quarter of an hour reading political news. As always they promise to give people a high salary and a pension, but their words speak louder than actions, and not vice versa. I’m not upset, I drink another cup of coffee and I’m going to the movies.

Sometimes I change this plan and go to the exhibition, if this is held in the city. I also like visiting opera, theaters and performances, but last Saturday all tickets were booked in advance. When I approached the ticket office, the ticket seller told me that it was too late – there were no tickets.

As a rule, my day off is always full. I never miss, and even if there is no place where I could go, I make every effort to do my best and spend this day fruitfully. I read books or study something, play sports and plan for the next weekend.